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Different Functions, One Goal


This article originally appeared in the Bentley Magazine.

Different Functions, One Goal

Amy (Decarolis) Miller ’88: Head of Experience, Big Data Platform, HPE

Amy Miller oversees a lot of different functions at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), but all with one goal: “Make sure that we’re making customers happy,” says the head of experience, big data platform, for HPE. “We want to provide them with the best experience we can.”

That’s no small feat, considering the company has arms in software, services, networking, storage and infrastructure, both on premises and in the cloud. Miller works within the Big Data Platform software business, with a focus on the advanced analytics database platform Vertica. 

“Organizations have so much information,” she says, noting that HPE Vertica enables customers to manage and quickly analyze massive volumes of data. “They gain valuable insights from their data, so it can make a real difference in their company.”

Miller’s teams help customers like online search tools Snagjob and adMarketplace use Vertica and its services to full capacity. They develop and test best practices, support and nurture the user community, and create technical documentation for the product. She also oversees the engineering team that keeps HPE products working seamlessly with third-party apps, and the group that handles critical customer issues when they arise. 

The teams trouble-shoot problems and gather information to help customers “take analytics to the next level,” Miller says. For example, GSN Games uses Vertica to understand how customers interact with its games on mobile phones and laptops. Then, they use the data to improve the gaming experience.

“We work closely with customers like GSN to learn and document how they’re using Vertica. My goal is to get out in front of problems and be more proactive than reactive.”

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More from Amy Miller:

What do you do for HP?
I'm the head of customer experience. I oversee many different functions here, and my role is to make sure that we're making customers happy. We want to provide them with the best experience we can.

I manage several different teams, like the documentation and community team, which writes the base documentation for products as well as supports the community. I also have a best practices team that creates content and works with those other teams. When best practices go out, we look at different news cases for customers and try to write guidance and provide it to our customer base.

I also run a partner engineering team, which is about third-party tools and things that can be used with our products. They do a lot of testing and integration, they run through requests and performance as well. I also have another team that does more account management as well as critical escalation issues. They handle the more difficult issues that go beyond support.

How can big data work in customer service?
The goal is to really show a lot of love to our customers. I want to get out and in front of problems and be more proactive than reactive. It's something we always work on. We take analytics to the next level. I make sure I'm collecting requirements from customers, regarding how they’re using big data and how they're expanding on that.

How did Bentley help you get there?
I met a lot of great people at Bentley. I played field hockey and was a resident assistant. I was very involved in the community and Bentley helped me become a little bit more confidant when some big decisions were made later in life.



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