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Bentley Named One of the Best Colleges for International Students


Bentley Named One of the Best Colleges for International Students


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Bentley University was named the No. 12 school in the country for international students according to Forbes’ “50 Best U.S. Colleges For International Students 2017” ranking. International students make up 24 percent of Bentley’s student population.

The U.S. remains the top country of choice for students around the world looking to attend college. For the second year, Forbes has compiled the Best U.S. Colleges for International Students, ranking the top 50 schools based on overall quality, international student population, international student graduation rate, and percentage of students who pursue academic fields most popular among international students.

“As a college president working with scores of young adults, one of my favorite aspects of Bentley is the power of our diverse community that reflects the gender and cultural diversity of the 21st Century world we live in,” said President Gloria Larson. “I am equally proud of the fact that this diversity of backgrounds means a diversity of opinions and ideas.”

The international presence on the Bentley campus continues to grow each year with students from nearly 100 countries learning, participating in campus events, and conducting research with faculty members. International students play an important role in the University’s “Bentley Beliefs” by enriching classroom learning through the different perspectives and experiences they bring to campus.

How this ranking was conducted

Forbes focused on two questions when judging a school’s fit for international students: What qualities in a school specifically bolster an international student’s return on investment, and what school show evidence of a strong commitment to international students? The ranking uses data from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS), the College Scorecard and the Institute of International Education to rank schools on the following five variables: School quality (50 percent), total percentage of international students (25 percent), growth of international student population (5 percent), graduation rate for international students (10 percent) and majors/programs of interest to international students (10 percent).

One of the Nation’s Top Business Schools

Bentley University is one of the nation’s leading business schools, dedicated to preparing a new kind of business leader with the technical skills, global perspective and ethical standards required to make a difference in an ever-changing world. Bentley’s diverse arts and sciences program combined with an advanced business curriculum prepares graduates to make an impact in their chosen fields. The university enrolls approximately 4,000 undergraduate and 1,000 graduate students. The Princeton Review ranked Bentley #1 in the United States in both career services and internships and Bloomberg BusinessWeek ranked Bentley a top 10 undergraduate business school.


by Helen Henrichs February 4, 2019

The ranking is based on student surveys that reveal Bentley students feel exceptionally supported by the university's career services team. 

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Atlanta Journal Constitution | February 8, 2019