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Bentley on Bloomberg: How to Future-Proof Your Career in 2016


Bentley on Bloomberg: How to Future-Proof Your Career in 2016

In today’s job market, employers are looking to fill positions with multi-faceted employees who possess technical skills such as data visualization coupled with soft skills such as communication and collaboration. These hybrid jobs that require skills not traditionally associated with a role, are becoming more and more popular This means that if you’re an IT professional you must also be a sales representative, and if you’re a Human Resources manager you are now expected to know how to use social media.

So how can the class of 2016 and other job seekers prepare for this shift in the workplace?

Bentley President Gloria Larson joined Bloomberg Radio’s Carol Massar and guest experts to discuss the new market analysis commissioned by Bentley University and powered by labor market analytics firm Burning Glass  during The Bloomberg Advantage program on Tuesday, January 12.

The analysis examined data from 24.5 million U.S. company job listings and found that 71% of in-demand skills from business, IT and analytics functions are required across two or more job categories.

Guests offered their perspectives on how college students and job seekers can be more prepared to enter a hybrid role.

1. Stay Hungry to Learn

The skills and credentials employers demand are evolving faster than ever and show no signs of slowing, but skills move forward often in relatively predictable ways. Tomorrow’s skills are almost always going to be offshoots of the skills today. As the job market evolves, maximize opportunities to develop new skills, yes, but also remember to hone the skills that will never become obsolete such as how to ask proper questions, how to conduct a statistical analysis, how to make meaning out of data, and how to communicate effectively with colleagues.

- Dan Restuccia, chief analytics officer, Burning Glass (listen to the full segment here)

2. Be the Best Salesperson (No Matter Which Industry You’re in)

Mastering sales skills can make you more effective in every job role. Today, most people work in highly interactive and collaborative environments which means one of the keys to success is the ability to persuade others to adopt your ideas or follow your lead on a project. The ability to build a rapport with another person, to analyze another person’s goals and challenges, and to offer persuasive solutions is the key to success as a leader, individual contributor, entrepreneur or fundraiser in any organization.

- Jim Pouliopoulos, professional sales program director, Bentley University (listen to the full segment here)

Mastering sales skills can make you more effective in every job role, says prof. @jimpouli #prepu


3. Stay Adaptable  

Recruiting today is challenging as more and more jobs require unique combinations of skills or strengths. The key is adaptability: if you're a career salesperson who has been able to successfully progress from door-to-door, to cold-calling, to online research and direct emailing, you'll be a good fit for a position that requires both hard and soft skills.  

- Kim Castelda, senior vice president of talent and human resources, Bullhorn (listen to the full segment here)


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