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by Kristen Walsh May 6, 2019

The Black United Body fashion show, organized and put on by students, provides an outlet for students' fashion creativity and highlights on-campus diversity at Bentley. 

TOPICS: News, Campus Life
by Kristin Livingston  April 12, 2019

In 1986, Earl Avery came to Bentley as the new equal opportunity offi­cer.

by Molly McKinnon  April 10, 2019

Charlie ’19 and Isabela ’22 Deichmann have known academic life a lot longer than most undergraduates. For that they can thank their father.

April 9, 2019

I grew up in Cambridge in a Haitian household, with my mother, an older sister and two younger sisters. We’re all ­five years apart.

by Jaimie Fritz April 8, 2019

A look at Bentley students' residences through the decades.

by Kristin Livingston April 8, 2019

“We’re not as bold to experiment when grades are on the line, but in student organizations you have nothing to lose when you speak up and let your voice be heard.”

by Kristin Livingston April 5, 2019

Peterson Toscano shared his life story and observations with more than 150 students and staff in the Koumantzelis Auditorium.

TOPICS: Campus Life, News
by Kristen Walsh March 18, 2019

The university hosts a discussion among students, alumni, faculty and staff about the value of resiliency and how failure can be a springboard to success. 

TOPICS: Campus Life, News
by Kristin Livingston January 30, 2019

Bentley's 33rd annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration honored diversity pioneer Dr. Earl Avery, who is retiring after more than three decades at the university. 

Wall Street Journal December 18, 2018

Bentley is featured for its efforts to show students the value of failure. Sheila Atiemo ’20 shares her struggle when an accounting class doesn't go as planned. Director of the Counseling Center, Peter Forkner, talks about why there’s no shame in failure.