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by Kristen Walsh November 8, 2018

Alexandria Steinmann '18 pursued her passion for investing to land an analyst position at the global financial services company Credit Suisse.

by Kristen Walsh October 17, 2018

A symposium led by organizational experts Shawn and Ryan Quinn encouraged students to bring positivity to their social and workplace relationships, part of a week-long series of Inauguration Week activities. 

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by Deblina Chakraborty August 24, 2018

Christine Reighley loves Maine like it’s her job. And for all intents and purposes, it is.

by Esther Shein August 24, 2018

The way Bruce Fenton ’06 sees it, blockchain technology and its best-known application, Bitcoin, will revolutionize the future of money.

by Jen Miller August 24, 2018

It’s probably no surprise that sports is big business, but do you know just how big?

by Michael Blanding  August 24, 2018

When most alumni “suit up” for work, they button up their blazer — Andrew Blum ’06 included.

by Kristen Walsh August 24, 2018

You started Seacoast Sweets in a dorm room. How did it happen?

Kirstyn Pearl ’10: I never had this idea to build a chocolate empire.

by Kristen Walsh July 16, 2018

Bentley graduate Sarah Benson uses her passion for sales to improve the experience for customers at Adobe, a multinational software company.

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CommonWealth Magazine June 16, 2018

Recent Bentley graduate, Alexandria Steinmann, offers her advice for finding career success after graduation.

The Glass Hammer April 26, 2018

Associate Vice President of Career Services Susan Brennan offers advice for women on salary negotiation.