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TOPIC: Career Advice


by Karen Osterheld

Millennials: Interested in an accounting career? In this sixth installment of our seven-week Careers of the Future series, Karen Osterheld, senior lecturer of Acc

If you can handle yourself on stage at the improv, will you be a good manager?

by Eileen McCluskey

In a treasure trove of data on entrepreneurs, two Bentley management professors unearthed perplexing truths about how people start businesses.

by Jennifer A. Spira

Navigating social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can be a bumpy ride, but Kira Tobar ’08 is proof that they can also land you a great job.

Recent graduates need a stepped-up game plan to tackle a tough job market. “The jobs are out there, but students need to go above and beyond to get them,” observes Susan Brennan, director of undergraduate career services.

by Kate Hanley

At business solutions powerhouse Hewlett-Packard (HP), Joseph Batista ’82 slices and dices his accounting, operations and technology know-how to create opportunities that clients might never have imagined.

In the boardroom or the classroom, at a wedding or a retirement party, in front of a few colleagues or a few hundred conference-goers, you are sure to be tapped to speak or perform in public from time to time.

by Caleb Cochran

Picture yourself at a job interview, sitting across the table from a prospective employer.

by Caleb Cochran

Where did your day just go? Chances are good that some portion was swallowed up by meetings. In a recent survey by, 47 percent of workers cited “too many meetings” as the No. 1 time waster on the job.

by Jennifer A. Spira

One could argue that Ayo Haynes ’90, MBA ’92 is the embodiment of Bentley's liberal-arts-meets-business philosophy..