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TOPIC: Career Advice


by Natalie Brooks

As a woman in business school and the traditionally male dominated IT industry, I’ve taken a particular interest in understanding the perception of women in the workplace.

A firm handshake can help you get a grip on the job market. Basic but useful lessons like this come from corporate recruiters taking part in a groundbreaking career development seminar for incoming freshmen and transfer students.

by Angela Scott

Our Women on Success series presents opinions, advice, and observations from women in a variety of positions. Some are just starting out, others are more advanced.

Can today’s millennial women break through the barriers, stereotypes and inequities that have so plagued women in the past?

by Toni Wolfman

The fact that many of us had to overcome significant hurdles as we banged our heads against the glass ceiling doesn’t relieve us of the responsibility to help smooth the

Bentley’s PreparedU research study outlined a number of possible solutions to help millennials, higher education faculty and staff, and business leaders better meet one another’s needs.

by Joe Halpern

When a panel of Bloomberg executives gathered at Bentley University’s PreparedU launch event, held at the media giant’s New York headquarters this past January, they emphasized one thing over an

What do you want to be when you grow up? The answer to the age-old question — often asked as early as preschool — likely changes with life experiences.

by Karen Osterheld

Millennials: Interested in an accounting career? In this sixth installment of our seven-week Careers of the Future series, Karen Osterheld, senior lecturer of Acc

If you can handle yourself on stage at the improv, will you be a good manager?