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TOPIC: Career Advice


by Caleb Cochran

Picture yourself at a job interview, sitting across the table from a prospective employer.

by Caleb Cochran

Where did your day just go? Chances are good that some portion was swallowed up by meetings. In a recent survey by, 47 percent of workers cited “too many meetings” as the No. 1 time waster on the job.

by Jennifer A. Spira

One could argue that Ayo Haynes ’90, MBA ’92 is the embodiment of Bentley's liberal-arts-meets-business philosophy..

by Deblina Chakraborty

Bill Kracunas MBA ’11 spends a large part of his today looking at tomorrow.

by Hannah Ellsworth

“When it comes to career development, if you’re standing still, you may actually be sliding backward.”  So says Barbara Hyle, director of alumni career services at Bentley. In today’s challenging job market, the advice rings especially true.


Imagine this scenario.

You’ve just started your first job out of college and you get this inter-office mail from your new boss: “Has our client answered the questions we had for our report?”

by Moussa Hassoun

Recently there’s been a trend to stereotype millennials as ungracious, narcissistic, social media–obsessed, lazy, self-entitle

It comes down to the way you think. Job hunters, including millennials, need to understand that a technical mastery of the finer points in your chosen business field is not enough.

by Susan Adams

Wish your employer would treat you like a rock star? Chances are you're being treated more like a worker bee. And that's not good.

by C.C. Chapman

If you want to be a successful company, you have to sell a great product or service. That’s business 101.