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Running the Numbers at Reebok


This article originally appeared in the Bentley Magazine.

Running the Numbers at Reebok

Daniel Goldstein ’06, MBA ’11: Head of Global Brand Analytics, Reebok

When it comes to making effective business decisions, data and insight trump intuition every time. It’s a belief that Dan Goldstein has built a career on.

“In the new age of information we’re in, marketers have an opportunity to use data, in the form of real-time customer feedback, to make sure their brand is relevant and providing value,” says Goldstein, who majored in Marketing as an undergraduate and competed on the varsity swim team. “Data allows brands to connect to their customers rather than talking through them.”

In 2009, he returned for an MBA “to invest in myself and better stand out in the job market.  I wanted a more executive view of big data and analytics than I’d had up to that point. Bentley was able to help me connect the dots.”

The strategy worked. After stints at Digitas and Mullen, Goldstein joined Hill Holliday in 2011, where his work earned Best Use of Research honors from both the Advertising Research Foundation and The Ad Club of Boston. One of his first assignments was helping to launch the Major League Baseball Fan Cave, which aimed to engage with fans via social media and draw a younger demographic into the sport. 

“Using analytics helped us design content,” explains Goldstein. “We learned what messaging resonated with the people we were trying to convert into active fans.”

Today, at Reebok, he leads a department that uses data and analytics to ensure their marketing decisions are both relevant to the consumer and generating a positive return to the business.

“Reebok is a company committed to making fitness aspirational and fun again — by providing consumers with experiences, products and the inspiration to be ‘fit for life,’” Goldstein says. “My role is to ensure that our efforts are delivering measurable results to the business, while uncovering ideas for future business opportunities.”

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More from Dan Goldstein:

What brought you to Bentley for your undergraduate degree?
I fell in love with the campus, and I wanted to swim collegiately. Bentley was the full package — everything I wanted.

What about for your MBA?
I wanted to strengthen my skills. I wanted to better stand out in the job market. I wanted to invest in myself and to better differentiate myself in the long term. I wanted a more executive view of big data and analytics than I had at the time.

Why is big data important in marketing?
It has become a necessity in our world. A lot of brands have been using [data analytics] to differentiate themselves. If you're not doing that, you're falling behind.

In the new age of information we're in, we can get real time feedback on our customers to make a positive difference on their lives. Data allows brands to better connect to their consumers, rather than talking through them.

How did that work when you worked on a project for Major League Baseball for your previous employer?
I was on the team that helped launch MLB Fan Cave. It was designed to get young people into baseball. We used analytics to design content to get young people into baseball, and to see what messaging actually resonated with the people we were trying to hit. It was a really fun experience. 


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