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TOPIC: Future of Higher Ed


by Chris Beneke

It’s not unusual to run into a business leader who’s keen on history, watches the History Channel and Ken Burns documentaries, and reads biographies by Doris Kearns Goodwin.

by Dominique Haughton

Data analysts are in the driver’s seat, as demand for workers is spinning out of control and the stream of qualified applicants can’t keep up.

by John Tommasi

In my previous blog, I put Detroit’s financial condition — or lack thereof — under the microscope. The truth is, Detroit’s story is not unique.

by John Tommasi

The billion dollar question: What happened to Detroit? When the U.S. city declared a record-breaking $18 billion bankruptcy in July, Americans looked on in awe.

by David Szymanski

On March 14 in Washington, D.C., a group of business school educators and administrators gathered at the National Academy of Sciences to meet with leaders from the private and public sectors and have a conversation on an unlikely topic:

by Tony Buono

Over the course of our careers, virtually all of us will be faced with an ethical quandary. It could be pressure from a boss to “hit the numbers.” It could be arm-twisting to “be a team player” when dealing with questionable supplier practices.

by Barry Camson

The MBA is in trouble. Organized and taught in the same way for generations, the traditional MBA program is increasingly anachronistic.

by Barry Camson

What should be the role of the liberal arts in business education? As we witness huge increases in the cost of formal education, every student has a right to ask what the best use of their time and investment in higher education should be.

by Aaron L. Jackson

All in. That’s how Dave Gulley and I approach the monetary-policy competition of the Fed Challenge.

by Jane Griffin

We live in a society obsessed with copying. From file sharing to Internet memes to playlists of songs created for loved ones, we copy things every day.