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TOPIC: Future of Higher Ed


by Joanna Howarth March 18, 2016

Bentley University and Gallup argue that a successful college outcome is much more complex than simply salary. It is not where you go to college, but how you go that matters in the long run.

February 16, 2016

As college seniors begin to take stock of their skillset and prepare for their first job, how can they stand out among the crowd of qualified graduates? 

by Andrew Shepardson and Susan Brennan February 9, 2016

Bentley has partnered with Gallup to understand the levels of well-being and workplace engagement of our alumni and students. The findings show our alumni fare better on both measures.  

by Dean Chip Wiggins December 22, 2015

Dean Chip Wiggins offers his thoughts on why assembling a diverse advisory council is important for the entire university community. 

by George Grattan December 14, 2015

Eight funded networks move to the next stage of trans-disciplinary research, engaging resources within and outside the university.

Boston Globe October 23, 2015

Bentley University President Gloria Larson’s innovative ideas on business education and advancing women in the workplace have contributed to her ranking among the most powerful people in Boston. 

by George Grattan October 14, 2015

During the last six years, Bentley University has shown its commitment to hiring and maintaining a diverse faculty, and has been recognized as an industry leader in retirement policies, producing some encouraging faculty statistics. 

by Michele Walsh September 23, 2015

What matters more – where you go to school or how you go to school? Bentley University president Gloria Larson’s response to this question may surprise you.

by Susan Simpson September 23, 2015

How can colleges adapt to the changing student needs of new generations like millennials and Gen Z? Bentley President Gloria Larson offers tips. 

July 31, 2015

A Bentley travel fellowship is providing study abroad students with new opportunities for learning beyond the Bentley campus.