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TOPIC: Future of Higher Ed


by Joann McKenna March 30, 2015

We’ve always encouraged our children to follow their dreams. But the real challenge is to help them to find and follow their passions with pragmatism.

by Meg Murphy March 24, 2015

The greatest promise of Gen Z? That people across all demographics will have the opportunity to be involved in creating the future. 

March 23, 2015

A Bentley partnership with Santander provides scholarship support for students to study abroad for eight weeks or more. 

by Heikki Topi March 19, 2015

The concept of Big Data is constantly changing depending on the state of the art in technology. 

by Meg Murphy March 13, 2015

The rise of disruptive technologies is giving Gen Z new ways of challenging the status quo. 

by Johannes Eijmberts  February 27, 2015

What does bias look like in the classroom? It's not always what you think. 

by Meg Murphy February 25, 2015

For Generation Z, every gap — geographic, cultural and generational — is closing rapidly. The rise of online learning has a lot to do with it. 

February 12, 2015

In this final installment of our four-part video series, execs stress the importance for college grads to have a well-rounded college experience. 

by April Lane February 11, 2015

Careers in the trades increasingly are an increasingly attractive — and lucrative — option for millennials. 

by April Lane January 21, 2015

With high levels of unemployment and crippling student loan debt facing college graduates, manufacturing jobs are increasingly appealing to millennial workers.