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TOPIC: Innovation


by Maura King Scully

Little “Joey” is very sick and his parents are in a panic. The 2-year-old arrives by ambulance at a suburban hospital an hour outside Boston, where emergency physicians quickly determine that death is imminent. What should the team do next?

by Deblina Chakraborty

For Andrés Trujillo ’90, going to work is about more than getting it done: It’s about giving back.

by Deblina Chakraborty

Arik Levy’s unique business grew from a pretty typical problem: Long hours at the office were making personal errands difficult to accomplish. Finding time to retrieve his dry cleaning was a particular chore.

by Ken Gornstein

Say goodbye to the same old Avon lady. The 125-year-old firm is promoting and selling Mark, its latest brand of beauty and fashion products, almost exclusively through digital storefronts, Facebook and other social media.

It comes down to the way you think. Job hunters, including millennials, need to understand that a technical mastery of the finer points in your chosen business field is not enough.

by Bill Gribbons

The launch of the Affordable Care Act website is making headlines, but not in the way that Washington had in mind.

by John Tommasi

In my previous blog, I put Detroit’s financial condition — or lack thereof — under the microscope. The truth is, Detroit’s story is not unique.

by Mark Frydenberg

“BYOD” (bring your own device) is becoming a popular policy in the workplace and educational institutions. It provides the power to access institutional computing resources from your own device.

by Alissa Rogers

I am a risk taker, and I urge others to take risks too.

That doesn’t mean I encourage hasty or reckless decisions. Mine have actually been pretty well thought out. But I do say: trust your instincts, listen to your gut, and take chances.