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TOPIC: Innovation


by Meg Murphy April 21, 2015

In today's workplace, developing the creative process is as crucial for businesspeople as it is for artists.

by Ian Cross April 17, 2015

To stay relevant, higher education needs to give millennial students access to the principal digital tools used in the workplace today.

by April Lane April 15, 2015

Smartphones have made millennials more connected to their jobs than ever, but an "always on" mentality may have harmful consequences for their health.

by Chris Lynch '91 MBA April 10, 2015

Despite the lure of Silicon Valley, this tech leader feels that Boston is exactly the place where he needs to be. 

by Jennifer Wright '16 April 2, 2015

To create a speech with a long shelf-life, every character counts. 

March 31, 2015

Groundbreaking scientific advances can create as many questions as they solve. In the Center for the Integration of Science and Industry, students learn how business can help address them. 

by Sam Woolford March 30, 2015

Looking for a career path with enormous potential for growth? The emerging field of business analytics just may be for you. 

by Marc Resnick March 27, 2015

Big Data offers the consumer incredible promise, but has some surprising trade-offs, too. 

March 26, 2015

Bentley University hosted its first TEDx event on Saturday March 28, 2015 starting at 9:00 a.m. in the Wilder Pavilion, Adamian Academic Center. 

by Cort Johnson '06 March 26, 2015

If you're a college student with entrepreneurship in your future, the time to begin building your network is now.