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TOPIC: Innovation


BizEd Magazine June 23, 2015

Anthony Buono, professor Management and Sociology at Bentley, co-authors this piece discussing how business schools should develop sustainability goals and teach their students how to act ethically in the business world. 

International Innovation June 23, 2015

Professor of Natural and Applied Sciences Fred Ledley discusses why business models matter in innovation.

by Meg Murphy June 10, 2015

Internet and web-based technologies are changing the traditional marketplace — and human emotion is helping reinvent this consumer culture. 

by April Lane June 9, 2015

Baby Boomers may not be as adept at technology as millennials — but they're also more alike than you might think. 

BostInno June 8, 2015

Developed in conjunction with Bentley, the Greater Media Boston Innovation Series is highlighted for people in the Boston community who want to know more about the ever-changing marketing landscape. 

June 4, 2015

A team of Bentley University undergraduate students traveled to Washington D.C. this spring to help raise awareness about the economic impacts of geoscience research. June 2, 2015

Veloxity, a company founded by Bentley University graduates that creates charging stations, campaigns to end dead cell phones at summer music festivals. 

Waltham News Tribune May 31, 2015

Rick Oches, Bentley professor of Natural and Applied Sciences, discusses the potential physical impacts that my occur from building the local span of the Algonquin Incremental Market pipeline.

Boston Globe May 19, 2015

Bentley's Center for Women and Business is highlighted for issuing a corporate challenge to encourage companies to promote and retain women employees and board members.

by April Lane May 13, 2015

Millennials are eschewing processed and packaged foods — a movement causing product reinvention at some of America's stalwart food brands.