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by John McElhenny January 15, 2019

Joyce had led the Division of Strategic Communications on an interim basis, leading university-wide communications efforts including Strategic Planning and Inauguration.

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by Lisa Rudgers December 3, 2018

A conversation with Alison Davis-Blake and Mary Sue Coleman

by John McElhenny December 3, 2018

Maureen Forrester has joined Bentley as vice president and chief financial officer/treasurer. Her deep experience in financial leadership crosses higher education and the corporate sector.

by Alison Davis-Blake December 3, 2018

The energy and optimism that Inauguration Week inspired have only grown stronger in the weeks since. It was a remarkable time for the institution, for our many supporters, and for me personally.

by Kristen Walsh November 26, 2018

The Nobel Prize-winning Biogen co-founder and MIT Professor Phillip Sharp discussed the role of business in scientific innovation as part of Bentley's Innovator's Business Speaker Series.

Boston Business Journal November 15, 2018

President Alison Davis-Blake powerfully pens her enthusiastic commitment to the mission of learning and diversity at Bentley University and shares the “three guiding principles” she will utilize in leading the institution.

by Alison Davis-Blake November 6, 2018

In an Election Day message, President Alison Davis-Blake urges the community to create an atmosphere that welcomes cultural and political differences with open arms.

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by Kristen Walsh October 19, 2018

Alison Davis-Blake, the former business school dean at the Universities of Michigan and Minnesota, was inaugurated as the eighth president of Bentley University in a ceremony attended by students, faculty, staff, alumni and other members of the extended Bentley community.

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October 19, 2018

Mary Sue Coleman, president of the Association of American Universities, praised President Davis-Blake as “a new leader perfect for the opportunities that await Bentley.” Coleman gave the keynote address at President Davis-Blake's inauguration.

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by Alison Davis-Blake October 19, 2018

"Thrive. Focus. Integrity." President Davis-Blake highlights the university's guideposts for success in its second century.

TOPICS: News, Leadership