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TOPIC: Liberal Arts Majors


March 23, 2015

A Bentley partnership with Santander provides scholarship support for students to study abroad for eight weeks or more. 

by Kristen Walsh March 17, 2015

A Bentley course explores how female personas in the media can reinforce stereotypes that are harmful to women's personal and professional choices. 

by Johannes Eijmberts  February 27, 2015

What does bias look like in the classroom? It's not always what you think. 

by Meg Murphy January 6, 2015

It's time to face it: Business and liberal arts education belongs together.

Psychology Today February 15, 2014

The results of Bentley's PreparedU Project survey are highlighted in this opinion piece advocating the importance of the arts and sciences in MBA programs.

Wall Street Journal November 7, 2013

President Gloria Larson tells the Wall Street Journal how Bentley's model combines business and arts & sciences to pr

BostInno August 7, 2013

Dean of Arts and Sciences Dan Everett discusses many aspects of Bentley's integrated approach to curriculum including new six credit undergraduate courses created and co-taught b

Huffington Post April 24, 2013

President Gloria Larson discusses the importance of combining business skills with liberal arts education to produce the most well-rounded college graduates.

Inside Higher Ed April 19, 2013

The new book by Bentley faculty advocating for the integration of business and the arts & sciences, Shaping the Future of Business Education, is featured.