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Newsroom: Bentley Experts


Inside Sources March 5, 2019

Accounting Lecturer Arthur Reed explains the three big factors that contribute to Amazon’s ability to legally avoid paying federal income taxes.

Forbes February 21, 2019

Management Professor Cynthia Clark adds context to the reasons why C-suite and board room diversity continues to be minimal in the United States.

February 15, 2019

Professor of Global Studies Joni Seager's latest book, "The Women’s Atlas," provides comprehensive global data on the key issues facing women today.

The Chronicle of Higher Education January 29, 2019 Professor Chris Beneke weighs in as more colleges and universities ask faculty interviewing for positions to explain how their experience can impact institutional efforts to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Reading Eagle January 29, 2019

Marketing Professor Susan Dobscha's research into why the non-profit, pay-what-you-can Panera Cares restaurant model was not a success is highlighted.

World News - Travel Wire News January 22, 2019

.A survey from Bentley's Center for Marketing Technology reveals that while technologically advanced marketing is an important tool, print and physical forms of advertising are still quite valuable in the tourism industry.

by Kristin Livingston December 6, 2018

A grant of $200,000 from the biopharma firm Alkermes will support faculty and student research and create a new course about the delivery of healthcare.

by Kristin Livingston December 3, 2018

A Sudanese refugee and a Puerto Rican executive prove that it's a small, small world.

December 3, 2018

The inauguration of Bentley’s eighth president featured a week of activities for the campus community.

by Helen Meldrum December 3, 2018

Helen Meldrum, associate professor of natural and applied sciences, asks 45 executives what it takes to succeed in the competitive life sciences industry.