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IAVM News Blog May 10, 2018

Bentley's new arena is highlighted for earning LEED platinum certification for it's sustainable design.

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High Profile May 10, 2018

Bentley's new arena is the most environmentally sustainable standalone ice arena in the country.

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Athletic Management May 10, 2018

Bentley is highlighted for its commitment to sustainability with the construction of a new LEED platinum arena.

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Orlando Sentinel May 10, 2018

Steve Weisman, senior lecturer of Law, Taxation, and Financial Planning, addresses the latest in credit card fraud protections.

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New York Times May 9, 2018

Steve Weisman, senior lecturer of Law, Taxation, and Financial Planning, discusses the NYPD's new tool for credit card skimmers.

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Panstadia & Arena Management May 8, 2018

Bentley is recognized for its new environmentally sustainable, LEED platinum certified arena.

American School & University May 8, 2018

American School & University highlights Bentley's Arena as the first standalone arena to receive the platinum LEED certification for environmentally sustainable design. 

Facility Executive May 8, 2018

Bentley's new multipurpose arena is highlighed for receiving LEED platinum certification, the highest in green building ratings. 

Boston Real Estate Times May 8, 2018

Boston Real Estate Times highlights Bentley's new arena as the most environmentally sustainable in the nation.

Boston Globe May 2, 2018

President Gloria Larson comments on how baby boomers view retirement differently than generations past, and what she has in store after Bentley. 

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