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Waltham News Tribune March 16, 2015

The League of Women Voters of Massachusetts and Bentley’s Valente Center for Arts and Sciences co-sponsor a panel discussion about the rising economic inequality and its effects on political participation. 

WPTV March 16, 2015

A group of Bentley students build a home for Habitat for Humanity during their spring break.

Waltham News Tribune March 14, 2015

President Gloria Larson discusses the opportunities for Boston’s students to volunteer during the planning of Boston 2024. 

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Today March 13, 2015

President Gloria Larson discusses the “opportunity gap” that millennial women see in the workforce and what businesses can do to change this moving forward.

Forbes March 11, 2015

Data from Bentley’s PreparedU Project is cited in this article on how to take advantage

CIO March 10, 2015

Research of Bentley’s PreparedU Project is highlighted stating that 85% percent of millennials believe they’ll stay with four or fewer companies for their entire ca

Huffington Post March 10, 2015

President Gloria Larson provides 5 ways that millennials are impacting the corporate world.

USA Today March 7, 2015

Professor of Economics Steve Weisman warns of a new security flaw that threatens millions of internet users. 

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The Conversation March 4, 2015

Miriam Boeri, associate professor of sociology at Bentley, writes about how incorporating more safe injection facilities into American society can be both economically and socially

Huffington Post March 2, 2015

Bentley's PreparedU Project findings are highlighted for uncovering how millennials view the traditional work day.