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TOPIC: PreparedU


by Dominique Haughton

Data analysts are in the driver’s seat, as demand for workers is spinning out of control and the stream of qualified applicants can’t keep up.

by Susan Adams

Wish your employer would treat you like a rock star? Chances are you're being treated more like a worker bee. And that's not good.

by Lucy Kimball and Emmy Roth

The actuarial career is consistently rated among the top jobs in America, according to surveys and rankings such as one recently reported by CareerCast.

by Traci Abbott

One evening this spring, like so many other working parents, I was working late. As I graded papers and wrote emails — after finishing dinner, dishes, and kids’ homework — I turned on the TV show Revolution.

by Debbie Millin

After 20 years at work, first in the corporate world and then building my own business, I began to think back on when I was 20 years old.

by Mark Davis

It’s often said that students attend business school because they want good jobs when they graduate.  Naturally enough, they tend to focus on class work that will help them reach that goal. However, classroom learning can take them only so far.

This fall, college student debt load has come into focus in the U.S. presidential campaign. Critics have a point. Many young graduates face tremendous debt from college loans.