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by Meg Murphy October 27, 2017

Global health issues are no abstraction when you live and work alongside African villagers in urgent need of food, water, and basic sanitation, according to Bentley professors who have spent more than a decade engaged with such communities.

Recently Bentley’s Health Thought Leadership Network, which advances impactful research in health and healthcare, supported the innovative work of two faculty members. Both are engaged in transformative work in Africa. In interviews, they share the philosophy behind their work and the passion that drives it.

October 26, 2017

Charles Hadlock, Trustee Professor of Technology, Policy and Decision-Making

by George Grattan October 24, 2017

Please peruse the following select examples of our faculty research efforts that have either been published or accepted by leading outlets, as well as examples of awards and honors our faculty have received. For previous lists, click here.

by George Grattan October 23, 2017

Bentley Professor of Management Mark Davis is an internationally renowned expert who has taught about customer service at Bentley for more than 30 years. Co-author of four textbooks, author of dozens of journal articles, and presenter at dozens of conferences, Davis helped put Bentley University at the center of service and operations scholarship by founding the annual Art & Science of Service Conference. He’s a leading authority on what keeps customers loyal to companies and how companies can provide customers with great experiences.

TOPICS: Research
by George Grattan October 23, 2017

A Bentley University professor and a visiting scholar are at the forefront of climate change research and conversation. From studying glacial melting during the Last Ice Age to being on the front lines of "the climate wars," they're leading the way to better understanding this critical global challenge.

by George Grattan October 13, 2017

Professor of Operations Management Mark Davis, whose research demonstrates the relationship between waiting times and customer satisfaction, has been awarded the 2017-2018 Mee Family Prize for “a lifetime of research excellence.” 

The Economist October 5, 2017

In his new book “How Language Began”, Dean of Arts and Sciences Dan Everett argues that language began 1.9m years ago with Homo erectus.

by George Grattan September 27, 2017

The Outstanding Scholarly Contribution awards recognize scholarly accomplishments by Bentley faculty each year. Nominated by members of the Bentley community and overseen by the Teaching and Scholarly Activities Committee, the awards are designed to encourage high quality scholarly work within the Bentley community, including a monetary award for each honoree. Up to two honorees from the Arts and Sciences departments and two honorees from the Business Departments are selected for the awards, which cover accomplishments from the past three years. 

The Times September 16, 2017

Bentley Dean of Arts and Sciences Daniel Everett’s new book, How Language Began, is highlighted for its unique and complex analysis of the origins of human language.

by George Grattan September 5, 2017

Two Bentley professors have been honored as “Pioneers” by the United Nations Global Compact for their work to develop responsible leaders.

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