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TOPIC: Women and Business


by Betsy Myers

There’s good reason for America’s colleges and corporations to focus on millennials. The latest data indicate that approximately half the workforce in the United States will be millennial by 2020.

by Betsy Myers

How can it be that in 2013, women currently hold just 10 to 15 percent of the senior leadership (C-Suite) positions in corporate America?

by Maura King Scully

With women comprising 47 percent of the American work force, it is tempting to think that gender parity crosses every metric. Reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggest otherwise.

With a firm belief in the importance of education, and unshakable confidence in their alma mater, Steven '73 and Christine '73 (Smith) Manfredi have given a generous boost to women’s leadership initiatives at Bentley.

by Jennifer A. Spira

CPA Linda (Leggett) Smith ’86 (far left) has never spent a day in a corporate accounting office.

Thanks to a generous $1.125 million gift to Bentley, undergraduate women will be able to prepare for some of the toughest issues facing them in the workplace.

by Deblina Chakraborty

Janice DiPietro ’79 isn’t happy doing a single thing — only several at a time will do.

Theresa Bresten developed a taste for challenge early on. “My parents stressed the importance of learning new things,” says the Master of Science in Finance alumna. “I was taught that I shouldn’t limit myself.”

by Eileen McCluskey

Change is simmering in executive suites across the United States.

by Maura King Scully

“Women are often double inheritors — inheriting from their parents and, because they live longer, from their husbands,” explains Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, wealth-psychology expert; adjunct faculty member in Law, Taxation and Financial Planning; an