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TOPIC: Women and Business


by Patricia M. Flynn and Toni G. Wolfman

In the past decade, the presence of women on the boards of public companies has been increasing virtually everywhere in the world — except in the United States.

by Betsy Myers

Marissa Mayer Is Wrong.” “Horrible Bosses: Marissa Mayer’s Ban on Telecommuting at Yahoo Won’t Work.” “Marissa Mayer’s Work-From-Home Ban Is the Exact Opposite of What CEOs Should Be Doing.” These headlines reflect popu

by Susan Adams

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino may be the most underrated politician in America.

by Susan Dobscha

Why do marketers continue to get gender wrong?

by Susan Adams

The public conversation about the role of women in the workplace was recently reinvigorated by the appointment of (pregnant) Marissa Ma