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Speakers & Presentations - Colloquium 2017

Thursday, November 2, 2017



(B.S., University of Maryland; M.A., Ph.D. Boston College)

Professor of Management & Sociology, Bentley University 

With a background in Industrial and Organizational Sociology, Tony holds a joint appointment as Professor of Management and Sociology at Bentley University. He is the founding coordinator of Bentley’s Alliance for Ethics and Social Responsibility, which he directed since its inception in 2003 through 2013. He teaches in the areas of organizational change, organizational behavior, organization theory, organizational sociology, and ethics and social responsibility.  During his 30-plus years at Bentley he has received numerous college awards and honors, including the Gregory H. Adamian Award for Teaching Excellence, the Excellence in Research Award, Academic Advisor of the Year, and numerous publication awards. He is also a former chair of Bentley’s Management Department.  

Tony’s current research interests focus on organizational change, inter-firm strategic alliances, management consulting, and ethics and corporate responsibility. He has written or edited eighteen books and over 150 articles, book chapters, review essays and professional papers. His books include: Quality of Work Life Assessment (Auburn House, 1982), A Primer on Organizational Behavior (John Wiley & Sons, 7th ed., 2008; translated into Portuguese), Corporate Policy, Values and Social Responsibility (Praeger, 1985), The Human Side of Mergers and Acquisitions (Jossey-Bass, 1989; Beard Books, 2003), Enhancing Inter-firm Networks and Interorganizational Strategies (Information Age Publishing, 2003), Consultation for Organizational Change (IAP, 2010), The Changing Paradigm of Consulting (IAP, 2011), The Socio-Economic Approach to Management Revisited (IAP, 2015), and, most recently, Consultation for Organizational Change Revisited (IAP, 2016).  His articles and review essays appear in such journals as Academy of Management Learning & Education, Across the Board, Administrative Science Quarterly, Business & Society Review, Human Relations, Human Resource Planning, Journal of Academic Ethics, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Management Education, Journal of Organizational Change Management, Management Decision, Organization Development Journal, Personnel Psychology, and Research on Corporate Social Policy and Performance, as well as numerous edited volumes.

Tony has also been an active participant in the UN Global Compact and its Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) initiative. He was part of the team that wrote A Practical Guide to the UN Global Compact for Higher Education Institutions, the report Review of United Nations Global Compact LEAD Pilot Phase, and a contributor to the Inspirational Guide for the Implementation of PRME. He was honored as a PRME Pioneer at the 2017 Global Forum on Responsible Management Education.

Over the past three decades, he has been an active consultant to numerous organizations and professional associations. He is currently on the editorial review board of Academy of Management Learning & Education, Business & Society Review, Organization Management Journal, Revue Sciences de Gestion, SAM Advanced Management Journal, and the Scandinavian Management Journal, and a Research Fellow with Bentley University’s Center for Business Ethics. He has also served twice as Division Chair of the Management Consulting Division of the Academy of Management. Tony is the editor of the Research in Management Consulting book series, which he launched in 2001.


Ellen J. Glazerman is the Executive Director of the Ernst & Young Foundation, and Director of University Relations, Americas for EY (formerly Ernst & Young). She also supports a variety of initiatives within the firm’s Office of Public Policy, Global Diversity and Inclusiveness. Formerly the Americas Director of Campus Recruiting for EY, she joined Ernst & Young LLP in May of 1993 as the Director of the Ernst & Young Foundation.

In 1996, Ellen assumed responsibility for the firm's campus recruiting efforts. As the Americas Director of Campus Recruiting, her responsibilities included providing strategic direction, focus, and infrastructure support for campus recruiters firm wide until spring, 2001. During her tenure, Ellen helped to create the first global recruiting brochure for the firm, the first Intern Leadership Conference and the first formal internal network of recruiters. She reprised this role on an interim basis between 2014 and 2015. Ellen took responsibility for beginning the analysis of corporate giving throughout the U.S. firm until the firm formed its CR initiatives in 2003.

Ellen is the past-Chair and current member of the Board of Directors for the Graduate Management Admission Council, a member of President’s Council at Wesleyan University, the Leventhal School of Accounting Board of Advisors, and the Haas School of Business’ Center for Financial Reporting. She was a Commissioner for the profession’s Pathways in Accounting initiatives. Ellen is Past-Chair of the Forte Foundation Board of Directors, a not-for-profit dedicated to “inspiring women business leaders.” She is also a past Board member of AACSB, the AAA Executive Committee, the Ross School at the University of Michigan, the APLG (twice), the AICPA Education committee, the Center for the Public Trust, Gina Gibney Dance Company, T-Zone (Tyra Banks’ charity supporting women and girls), Beta Alpha Psi, AACSB, and the North Carolina Chapel Hill Accountancy Program.

She is a frequent public speaker and has written on fundraising and corporate philanthropy. Prior to joining EY, Ellen spent nine years as a development officer, raising private money for several universities. 


Panel 1: The Changing Nature of Work


Linda Edelman, MGT

Fred Ledley, NAS


Gary David, SOC

The Limitations of Intelligence: The Challenge of Rational Actors in Irrational Worlds

Naeimah Alkhurafi, PhD Student

The Labyrinth of Women’s Entrepreneurship

Janis Gogan, IPM

The Smart Machine and Augmented Reality: A Case for Case Research

Annie L. Witte, PhD Student

Information Technology and Audit Quality: A Research Synthesis and Suggestions for Future Research

M. Lynne Markus, IPM

Keeping Humans in the Automation Control Loop: It’s Harder than You Think

Aaron Nurick, MGT

Good Enough Managers for Future Organizations

Heikki Topi, CIS

Changing Individual Competency Requirements: The Case of Computing


Panel 2: The Changing Workforce


Donna Blancero, MGT

Deborah Pine, CWB

Trish Foster, CWB


Donna Maria Blancero, MGT

Hispanic/Latino Millennials: The New Diverse Workforce

Susan Brennan, Career Services

Career Profiles, Preferences and Patterns of Bentley Students

Cynthia Clark, MGT

The Changing Nature of Corporate Governance: Director Refreshment, Pay and Diversity    

Mateo Cruz, MGT

Building Strategies, Bridging Differences: An Intersectional Dialogue about Individual and Institutional Strategies to Advance (All) Women at Work

Joy Gray, ACT

Hybrid Professions: The Case of Internal Auditors

Jeff Shuman, MGT

Collaborating with Partners: The New Key to Success

Trish Foster, CWB

Multi-Generational Impacts on the Workplace


Panel 3: The Changing Workplace


Euthemia Stavrulaki, MGT

Miriam Boeri, SOC


Tamara Babaian, CIS

Advancing the State of Workplace Software

Liz Brown, LTFP

What Should Businesses Know About Advance Notice Laws?

Jonathan Ericson, IDCC

The Extended Workplace: Virtual and Augmented Reality Systems

Ivan Fedorenko, PhD Student

Crowdsourcing: Blurring the Boundary between a Firm’s Customer and Employees

Danielle Blanch Hartigan, NAS

Addressing Workplace Wellbeing: Financial Impact and Career Growth in Cancer Survivorship

Natalie Berland, Office of Sustainability

Sustainability and the Workplace

Jeff Moriarty, PHI

Pay Secrecy and Kids These Days: How Evolving Norms and New Technologies Are Changing What and How People Get Paid


Panel 4: The Changing Narrative about Work/Business


Jill Brown, MGT

Ranjoo S. Herr, PHI


Jill Brown, MGT

Employees as Conduits for Effective Stakeholder Engagement: An Example from B Corporations

Wiley Davi, ENGMS

Leading with Uncommon Sense

Ranjoo S. Herr, PHI

Globalization and Its Impact on the Global Poor  

Marianne Delpo Kulow, LTFP

Technology in the Workplace: Increasing and Decreasing Employment Impacts and Their Regulatory Management

Robert McNulty, CBE

Business for Peace in the New Narrative of Business

Marco Marabelli, IPM

Perceived Role Relationships in Human-Algorithm Interactions: Exploring the Dynamics between Uber Drivers and the Uber App     

Marc Stern, HIS

A Study in Change: The Ongoing Evolution of Work since 1970

Joseph W. Weiss, MGT

Ethical Implications of Sharing Economy Influences and Related Firm Practices