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Scholar of the Year Award


Rani Hoitash, Gibbons Research Professor of Accountancy

Professor Hoitash has compiled an impressive record of scholarship in terms of its breadth,depth, and impact. He has written and published numerous articles primarily in the areas of Auditing and Corporate Governance, most of which appear in A+ journals based on a widely accepted list developed by the Australian Business Deans Council. According to Google Scholar, his work has been cited 1,333 times to date.  Additionally, according to the Social Sciences Research Network (SSRN) his papers have been downloaded over 16,165 times and based on this measure his author "rank" in downloads on SSRN is in the top 0.01 percent across all disciplines.


Marcia M. Cornett, the Robert and Julia Dorn Professor of Finance 

Professor Cornett has compiled an exceptionally impressive record of scholarship, both in terms of quality and quantity. She has written and published numerous articles in the areas of bank performance, bank regulation, and corporate finance. she has been ranked as the 124th most published, and the 5th female, in the last 50 years in the top seven ranked finance journals amongst over 17,000 qualifying authors.  Professor Cornett  has had 1026 downloads of her papers from SSRN in the last 12 months, putting her in the top 1% of all SSRN authors for this period. Additionally, she is the author of two highly regarded textbooks in her field Financial Institutions Management, now in its 8th edition and Finance: Applications and Theory, now in its 3rd edition.


Dhaval M. Dave, Associate Professor of Economics 

Professor Dave is a leader in the field of health economics and has produced an extremely impressive body of scholarly work. In addition to being cited in over 900 articles, Dr. Dave is ranked in the top 3% of economists based on impact ratings. In 2010 he was named a National Bureau of Economics Research Associate. His research projects have been supported by the National Institute of Nursing Research, the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, the National Cancer Institute, and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Additionally, his research has been featured in media sources around the world including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Financial Times, Harvard Business Review, U.S. News and World Report, Sydney Morning Herald and India Abroad, as well as in broadcasts on FOX, CBS, ABC, CNBC, and NPR.


Gesa E. Kirsch, Professor of English and Media Studies 

Professor Kirsch is an eminent scholar in rhetoric and writing studies with an active and distinguished research record. She has authored, co-authored and co-edited eight books with major university presses and published more than thirty journal articles and book chapters. Her work has a strong interdisciplinary readership and is required reading in many doctoral programs across the country. Her original research and thought leadership has resulted in numerous awards in her field.  She has given over 25 national and international invited lectures, key-notes and seminars. She has made, and continues to make, a substantial impact in her field and continues to be a leading scholar.


Jay C. Thibodeau, Professor of Accountancy 

Professor Thibodeau has developed a worldwide reputation for his original contributions and impact on students, practitioners and academics. He is a well-rounded scholar and has the ability to write and publish along multiple themes.  His primary scholarly goal has been to conduct research that benefits the teaching and practice of accounting in general and auditing in particular. He believes that problems faced by practicing accountants and auditors should influence the research agendas of academic accountants, and he personally has taken that philosophy to heart. He is the co-author of two leading texts – both used by many other institutions.  In addition, he has published more than 40 articles and book chapters and has received national recognition for his work on three separate occasions.


Mary J. Culnan, Slade Professor of Management and Information Technology

Professor Culnan has made numerous and impactful scholarly contributions. Over her extended career in the field of Information Systems, she has more than 100 publications, including 29 refereed articles in journals with very high impact factors, 13 book chapters, and multiple seminars and conference papers and presentations.  Recently, she was identified as one of the most highly-citied researchers in her field, with more than 3,200 citations to her credit. She has been identified by Business Week as a “Mover and Shaker” for her research on website privacy policies that influenced the actions of the Federal Trade Commission. She has also helped shape policy at the Government Accounting Office and the President’s Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection.  Recently, her work has focused on social responsibility, notably organizational issues that relate to information security.


Juliet Gainsborough, Assistant Professor of Global Studies

Professor Gainsborough has provided knowledge and leadership to bring both visibility and recognition to Bentley University. Her research focuses on suburban politics, regional governance and social policy.  Along the first theme, she has published multiple articles as well as her first book entitled, Fenced Off:  The Suburbanization of American Politics.  In this text, she argues that the population movement to the suburbs has fundamentally altered American politics. In addition, she has investigated the role of business organizations in promoting regional cooperation and has identified conditions where business support for regionalism can help build a successful coalition.  Moving from regional governance to social policy, she studies the economic development and public safety policy making in Miami, which ultimately led to her second book entitled, Scandalous Politics:  Child Welfare Policy in the U.S. States.


Jean Bedard, Professor Timothy B. Harbert Chair of Accountancy

Professor Bedard’s scholarship is impressive in quality and quantity. Within her primary field of auditing research, she has aligned both ethics and corporate responsibility. In these areas she has over 70 publications with more than 500 citations. Many of these have appeared in the highest-level journals, such as The Accounting Review. Through this output, she has provided knowledge and leadership and thus, brings both visibility and recognition to Bentley University.  Her work has resulted in multiple grants and she is known for her clarity in synthesizing a diverse set of inputs into seminal research.


Christine B. Williams, Professor of International Studies

Professor Williams is a national pioneer in ‘e-government,’ for her resume lists 57 monographs and publications in this field.  Bentley has received favorable publicity from both her academic and practioner efforts as these have led to significant media coverage from outlets ranging from Time Magazine to the Bentley Observer.  Her work ranges from the theoretical to the applied and covers multiple disciplines.  Supported by multiple grants, her work is frequently quoted and has helped lay the foundation for political inquiry and action in this electronic age. 


Rajendra S. Sisodia, Professor of Marketing

Professor Sisodia is one of the most prolific authors at Bentley; his scholarship is impressive in both quality and quantity. He has published three notable books since January, 2006: Tectonic Shift:  The Geoeconomic Realignment of Globalizing MarketsFirms of Endearment and Does Marketing Need Reform? And a previous book of his, The Rule of Three (2004) was a finalist for the American Marketing Association’s Book of the Year Award. Coupled with his six new journal articles and 12 presentations, he brings the college a great deal of visibility and recognition.  His work has been featured in both the national and international press, and collectively, his research takes an important and critical look at the philosophy and practice of marketing.  He identifies and proposes new principles and reforms for effective marketing. The breadth and depth of his strategic thinking is inspiring.


M. Lynne Markus, John W. Poduska, Sr. Professor of Information Management

Professor M. Lynne Markus is one of the best known researchers globally in the field of Information Systems and truly a world-class scholar. The breadth, depth,  innovativeness, and impeccable quality of her scholarly work are very impressive. In several occasions, her research has broken new ground and guided the Information Systems field to explore new issues and analyze known problems from new perspectives. Her research continues to influence virtually every scholar in her own field and many in other areas of study; her best-known article “Power, Politics, and MIS Implementation” alone has been cited for more than 300 times and reprinted in three books, and the total number of citations to her work approximates 1,300. In addition to providing strong thought leadership within the academic community through her numerous articles, books, and conference papers, she has successfully guided business leaders in effective use of information and information technology solutions.


John D. Leeth, Professor of Economics

Professor John Leeth’s research has focused on four important areas of study in the field of Economics: the economics of workplace safety, public policy, finance, and accounting labor markets. His accomplishments include a highly praised book on workplace safety policy, numerous articles in prestigious academic journals, high-level technical reports for both government and private organizations, and a number of invited conference presentations. His work has been and continues to be highly influential; it has been cited more than 200 times in both academic publications and the business press. Leeth is a distinguished scholar who has demonstrated continued excellence in research throughout his career at Bentley College.


Past Recipients

Pierre Berthon, Associate Professor of Marketing
O. David Gulley, Associate Professor of Economics

Dominique Haughton, Professor of Mathematical Sciences
William J. Read, Professor of Accountancy

Beverley H. Earle, Professor of Law
Janis L. Gogan, Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems

Jane Fedorowicz, Rae D. Anderson Chair in Accountancy and Information Systems

Jahangir Sultan, Associate Professor of Finance

Mark M. Davis, Professor of Management

Janet M. Thomas, Associate Professor of Economics

Sudip Datta, Associate Professor of Finance
Dennis A. Flynn, Professor of English

Scott B. Sumner, Associate Professor of Economics
Hans J. Thamhain, Associate Professor of Management

Timothy P. Maga, Assistant Professor of History

Mohammad J. Abdolmohammadi, Professor of Accountancy

Gerald R. Ferrera, Professor of Law
Richard S. Geehr, Professor of History

Patricia M. Flynn, Professor of Economics
Christine N. O’Brien, Associate Professor of Law

George Ellenbogen, Professor of English
Stephen G. Grubaugh, Associate Professor of Economics

P. Thompson Davis, Associate Professor of Geology
W. Michael Hoffman, Professor of Philosophy

Anthony F. Buono, Associate Professor of Management
Linda McJannet, Associate Professor of English

Kitzie McKinney, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages
Rexford Santerre, Assistant Professor of Economics

Joyce L. Malcolm, Assistant Professor of History
Robert A. Pari, Assistant Professor of Finance