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Recognition Societies

Bentley is honored to thank those who invest in the university by offering membership in one or more of our recognition societies: Great BenefactorsThe President's ClubTrue Blue and The 1917 Legacy Society. It’s our small way of thanking those who make a big difference — the alumni, parents, students and friends who help to transform the lives of current Falcons, so they can change the world for the better.

The Great Benefactors of Bentley University

Great Benefactor is the university’s highest recognition, honoring an incredible group of alumni, parents and friends whose cumulative gift commitments to the university total $1M or more. These Great Benefactors exemplify the spirit and dedication of Bentley’s visionary founders and leaders. We cannot thank them enough for their extraordinary investments in the future of Bentley.

Meet Bentley’s Great Benefactors


Thomas P. ’82 and Denise M. (Aube) ’82 Alber, P ’12

Robert R. Anderson ’59

Robert P. ’74 and Kalliope Badavas

Adams W. Bartelli ’22

Roger J. ’79 and Sondra Beit, P ’19

Benjamin ’21, H ’95 and Anne Brown

Roy W. Buck ’36

Bernard, H ’93 and Kathleen Cammarata

J. Terence ’77 and Sharon Carleton, P ’09 and James J. Carleton ’39

John T. ’69, H ’02 and Amy Collins, P ’02

Jack, H ’10 and Pamela M. Cumming, P ’12/’13 ’15/’17

Arthur T. ’77 and Maureen Demoulas, P ’15

Bryon G., MSF ’85 and Cynthia M. (Marcille), MSF ’87 Deysher

Louis T. ’37 and Barbara B. Falcone, P ’94

William C. ’74 and Angela C. (Weber) ’74 Freda

Alfred E. ’27 and Helen A. Fredericks

Timothy Berlin ’76, H ’05 and Nancy C. Harbert, P ’10 ’12

David ’55 and Elizabeth Hughey, P ’01

Gary A. ’66, H ’98 and Carole Jennison and the Jennison Charitable Foundation

Dorothy Johnson-Lamberton and R. Curtis Lamberton

Darald R. ’40 and Juliet R. Libby

Steven P. ’73 and Christine S. (Smith) ’73 Manfredi, P ’10

I. Norman ’78 and Micki Massry, P ’08/’09

Elkin B. ’67, H ’97 and Donna McCallum

Nathan R. ’54, H ’00 and Lillian L. Miller

Herbert J. and Beverly J. Myers

Henry E. ’24, H ’80 and Alice Rauch

John E. ’33, H ’89 and Elizabeth L. Rhodes

Chester B. ’33 and Verne Slade

Robert F. ’53, H ’97 and Miriam D. Smith

Louis P. "Dan" and Jeanne Valente

Edward G., P ’02, Karen C., MBA ’01 and Kristina W., MBA ’02 Watkins

The David and Elayne Weener Family Foundation

Joel B. ’58, H ’02 and Christina Wilder

Norman M. Wise ’65

Brian T. ’74 and Mary Ann Zino

The President’s Club

The President’s Club is an annual donor recognition program that celebrates alumni and friends who give $1,000 or more per fiscal year. Membership is offered at seven different levels, with special categories for FOLD (Falcons of the Last Decade) members, and counts your personal contribution plus applicable corporate matching gifts. President Club members receive invitations to exclusive university and social events, updates from President Alison Davis-Blake, special privileges and much more.

I always felt a step ahead in my first job at Arthur Andersen. My colleagues were still learning in a practical way what we had already learned at Bentley. It was a tech-savvy school that really prepared you for your career — and I loved being on campus. I met my best friend in a business policy class, got to see her every day, and now get to spend my life with her. I believe if you have the time, treasure and talent — and good fortune — give back.

Shamus McBride ’89, MST ’94, Chair, The President’s Club
Associates Chair: Jim Buckley ’10

Levels of Membership

Your Fiscal Year Gift Level Your President's Club Level
$100,000+ Principal
$25,000 – $99,999 Chairman
$10,000 – $24,999 Investor
$5,000 – $9,999 Director
$2,500 – $4,999 Managing Partner
$1,917 – $2,499 Founder
$1,000 – $1,916 Partner
FOLD Alumni
Classes of 2011-2015: $500 – $999
Classes of 2016-2019: $250 – $999

Meet the President's Club Members

as of September 1, 2018

Principal — $100,0000+

* = Deceased 
P = Parents 
H = Honorary Degree 
Names in bold = True Blue: Donors who have made a gift in each of the five most recent fiscal years. 

Anonymous (2) 

Robert P. ’74 and Kalliope Badavas 

Roger J. ’79 and Sondra Beit, P ’19 

Paul L. Brigham Jr., MST ’79 

Terry ’77 and Sharon Carleton, P ’09 

Robert A. Henry ’58 * 

W. Michael and A. Bliss Hoffman, P ’92 ’95 

Steven P. ’73 and Christine S. (Smith) ’73 Manfredi, P ’10 

I. Norman ’78 and Micki Massry, P ’08/’09 

Matthew T. Sheehan ’97 

Karl B. ’87 and Susan Wagner 

Brian T. ’74 and Mary Ann Zino 

Chairman — $25,000 to $99,999

* = Deceased 
P = Parents 
H = Honorary Degree 
Names in bold = True Blue: Donors who have made a gift in each of the five most recent fiscal years. 

Anonymous (2) 

Robert E. Alan ’91 

Thomas P. ’82 and Denise M. (Aube) ’82 Alber, P ’12 

Robert R. Anderson ’59 

Estate of Isminy Cagos ’46 

J. Paul ’83 and Susan Condrin, P ’19 

Peter C. ’81 and Wendy B. (Bixby) ’84 Cowie, P ’10 

Stephen L. ’81 and Marcia DelVecchio, P ’07 ’11 

Stanley C. DeMartinis Jr. ’96 

Bryon G., MSF ’85 and Cynthia M. (Marcille), MSF ’87 Deysher 

William C. ’74 and Angela C. (Weber) ’74 Freda 

David L. ’87 and Wendy M. (Calderon) ’88 Giunta, P ’21 

Robert I. Goldman * 

Jack J. ’71 and Janice Guarnieri 

Andy J. ’76 and Lynn Ann Hajducky 

Benjamin S. ’94 and Rochelle Harari 

Charles Hieken, P ’93 * 

Michael F. ’78, MST ’84 and Cheryl Hines 

Kenneth J. and Lynn M. Horton, P ’18 

Alphonse M. ’70, H ’04 and Joyce L. Lucchese 

Brian P. ’88, MST ’95 and Margot MacArthur 

James K. Malloy ’81 

James W. Meyers ’64 

Steven C. ’83 and Beth Millner 

Beverly J. Myers 

Frederick R. ’56 and Judith O’Connor, P ’81 

Richard K. ’81, MST ’87 and Judith C. O’Connor 

Mark A. ’85 and Vicki V. (Vassalotti) ’86 Semanie 

Nickolas ’79 and Patrina M. Stavropoulos 

Louis P. “Dan” * and Jeanne Valente 

David H. ’72 and Elayne Weener 

Katherine F. Wood ’78

Investor — $10,000 to $24,999

* = Deceased 
P = Parents 
H = Honorary Degree 
Names in bold = True Blue: Donors who have made a gift in each of the five most recent fiscal years. 


Joel M. ’78 and Nancy A. Altobello 

Joseph C., MBA ’82 and Marylynn Antonellis 

Jill E. Appel ’82 

Bruce R. Bartlett ’73 and Patricia A. Quinn 

Albert A. ’61 and Mary P. Bergeron 

Norman Bitsoli ’67, MST ’87 

Daniel R. Brownell ’82 and Kelley A. Laurel ’85 

Joseph M. Cronin, P ’94 

Joseph M. Cronin, MBA ’94 

Joe A. ’00 and Lee Cullen 

Estate of Robert M. Davine ’91 

Coach and Patricia M. DeFelice 

Timothy M. Donovan ’93 

V. William ’52 and Mavis Efthim 

Daniel, MBA ’95 and Cheryl Farley 

David M. ’92, MST ’96 and Elena Frankel 

Gerda Geehr 

John M. ’83 and Karen G. Griffin, P ’17 

Sheila A. Harrington ’87 

Estate of Albert S. Hovannesian 

David ’55, P ’01 and Diane Hughey 

Thomas J. Keene ’81 

David G. ’65 and Janet M. Kennedy 

Fran F. Kingsley ’61, P ’92 ’07 

Herman J. Kurz ’91 

Anthony J. ’78 and Linda M. LaCava, P ’07 

Michael J. ’76 and Patricia T. Landine 

Gloria Cordes Larson and Allen Larson 

Peter F. ’81 and Christine J. Longo, P ’13 

Mark A. Lundin, MSA ’94, MSCIS ’98 

Todd D. ’77 and Tina Luttinger, P ’13 

James G. Maguire ’63, P ’07 

Anne Marston ’76 

Shamus ’89, MST ’94 and Claudine (Bono) ’89, MBA ’94 McBride 

William S. McLaughlin ’59 

Kevin J. Moglia ’01 

Lebone C. Moses ’02 

Suzanne and Terrence, H ’99 Murray 

David A. ’68 and Sharon D. Neskey 

Timothy C. ’70 and Mary O’Brien 

Rick F. ’78 and Loretta Oricchio 

Ronald and Michele Orie, P ’21 

Stephen A. Riordan ’81 

Charles A. ’82 and Barbara Rizzo 

Beverley H. Earle, P ’12 and John Sloan, MSFP ’14, P ’12 

Stephen B. Somers ’08 

Estate of Frances Swartz 

Buzz F. ’79 and Lynn C. (Vincunas) Travers, P ’12 

Joe, MBA ’93 and Cindy Wickwire

Director — $5,000 to $9,999

* = Deceased 
P = Parents 
H = Honorary Degree 
Names in bold = True Blue: Donors who have made a gift in each of the five most recent fiscal years. 

Robert E. ’78 and Mary E. (Stanton) ’79 Bibeau 

Anthony C. Bisegna, MSF ’94 

Joaquin Bolivar III ’00, MBA ’07, MSF ’07 

Richard J. Briand Jr. ’78 

James D. Burnham ’80 and Mindy Stern 

Greggar and Cheryl Callin, P ’19 

Mark J. Canavan ’77 

Cary J. and Nancy Corkin, P ’07 

Vito and Claire Cucci, P ’08 

Francis J. MBA ’88 and Mary T. Cusick, P ’13 

Richard M. ’79 and Mary C. (D’Addabbo) ’81 Davis 

Ronald E. and Mara A. (Beni) ’82 DePoalo 

Donald D. DesRosiers ’56 

Peter G. and Nora Dorflinger, P ’13 

Mike J. ’96 and Heather L. (Foley) ’96 Ebels 

Raymond E. Faulkner ’70 

Andrew M. ’91 and Michelle Feinberg 

Troy D. Folkins ’90 

Scott J. Frerichs ’97, MBA ’98 and Miko Tachibana 

A. Robert Garneau ’76 

John F. Garvey III ’68 

Anthony H. and Maureen A. Gemma, P ’17 

William K. Whitner and Tanya N. Hairston Whitner ’95 

Kathy K. Hakim, P ’12 

E. Diane H. Hawkes 

Kurt M. Heinrich ’87 

Janet L. Hennessy ’79 

Thomas K. and Linda Holt, P ’14 

Peter E. Hornstra ’81 

Theodore L. Iorio Jr. ’03 

Mae L. Keefe, MSIT ’18 

Garry S. ’69 and Nancy G. Keil 

Paul S. Kicza ’75 * 

Shane P. Kinahan ’94 

Welby and Lucy Lai, P ’21 

Anthony C. Langelier ’97 and Victoria Corder Langelier 

Heidi Licht, MSA ’82 

Stephen and Darlene Lombardozzi, P ’21 

Paul Marchesiani ’78, MST ’84 

Norman L. ’66 and Judith P. McDougal 

Sean P. ’90 and Lisa McGrath 

Lloyd B. ’66 and Ro McManus, P ’87 

John D. ’83 and Jane McPhee 

Michael J. ’94 and Lindsay S. Moran, MSREM ’11 

Scott C. ’00 and Danielle M. (Landry) ’02 Morgan 

Michael J. Mulrain ’81 

Michael J. and Nancy J. Neary, P ’14 

Tas ’80 and Georgia Parafestas, P ’17 

David J. ’94 and Laura J. ’13 Pasquale 

Edward H. ’65, MST ’77 and Katherine N. Pendergast 

Jesse Redstone 

William E. ’90 and Melinda S. (Williams) ’92 Reno 

Robert G. Ripley Jr. ’80 

Domenic R. Ruscio ’68 and Bettilou Taylor 

David E. ’93 and Kerri Schiegoleit 

Christopher J. Senner ’89 

Joseph R. ’90 and Susan R. (Colasacco) ’90 Shaker, P ’21 

Andrew Shepardson 

Peter M. ’72 and Shirley Siciliano 

Martin J. ’75 and Diane Skrip 

Shirley C. (Crawford) Sontheimer ’50 

Kevin and Michelle M. (Souza) ’88, MBA ’95 Soucy 

David ’81 and Janet Splaine 

James E. ’72 and Maureen T. Stifel, P ’97 

Aaron K. Stonacek ’12 

Brian F. ’87, MBA ’95 and Maryrose (Madden) ’88, MBA ’95 Sykes 

John W. Toulopoulos Jr. ’81 

Robert J. ’68, MSF ’81 and Elissa Weafer, P ’99 ’02 

Managing Partner — $2,500 to $4,999 

* = Deceased 
P = Parents 
H = Honorary Degree 
Names in bold = True Blue: Donors who have made a gift in each of the five most recent fiscal years. 


Barry J. and Mimi Alperin 

Melvin G. and Patty Alperin 

Thomas C. Andrade ’92 

Karim Ayed ’94 

Mark A. ’84 and Elisa F. Balaban, P ’20 

James R. and Diane M. Barbieri, P ’09 ’10 

Warren E., MSA ’85 and Jacqueline Barnes 

Gerard E. Beach ’78 

Gerald M. ’82 and Carol A. (Gargiulo) ’85 Bellis 

Gerard H. ’64 and Janet A. Berberian, P ’02 ’07 

Craig A. ’95 and Christina L. (Rogers) ’95 Berlinski 

James F. ’65, MST ’81 and Linda H. Bodoin, P ’94 

Joseph P. Cacciatore ’88, MBA ’92 

Louis M. ’65 and Gloria Caputo, P ’86 

Robert L. Carson ’79 

Paul D. Coccovillo ’02 

Kenneth B., MSF ’88 and Jamie B. Cody 

Gregory P. Conklin Jr. ’07 

Chase K. Craig ’00 

Carl J. ’64 and Gabrielle M. Cunningham, P ’86 

David Danieli ’96 

Dave B. ’78 and Tina E. Dearborn 

Robert A. ’70 and Dorothy C. DiTomaso, P ’95 

Raymond R. ’69 and Paula Doherty 

William L. ’80 and Susan Elsbree 

Robert Eskierski, P ’18 and Catherine Lally-Eskierski, P ’18 

George J. ’64 and Carolyn K. Fantini 

Neil D. ’78 and Jacqueline A. Fradin, P ’20 

Jennifer L. Gaudet ’00 

Gary J. Gianino ’78 and Elizabeth Wells Gianino ’81, P ’16 

Armand Giarrusso ’42, P ’77 

Joseph M. Gibbons ’70 

Mark E. ’88 and Michaela J. (Gath) ’89 Hildreth 

Brenda L. (Woodfin) Hinds ’82, MST ’88 

David and Hope Hirsch 

Paul R. Homer ’98 

Janet E. Hunt 

Jeremy and Alice Jacobs, P ’20 

Paul and Ann C. ’82 Kaplan 

Michael J. Kelley ’76 

Ronald Kemperle, P ’15 

Paul M., MBA ’99 and Wendy King 

Deborah A. Leitch ’83 

Mark A. Longo ’89 

Keith D. ’83 and Lisa A. Lowey 

Kevin H. ’95 and Julie MacIntyre 

Norman K. ’91 and Richelle M. (Finnerty) ’96, MST ’98 Maguire 

Paul E. ’81 and Margaret A. (Wiegand) ’82 Marrkand 

Timothy F., MBA ’85 and Kristine M. (Youngren) ’83, MSCIS ’88 Masse 

John J. ’86 and Jennifer McDonough 

Sean M. McEwan ’05 

Robert W., MSF ’94 and Debra S. Milotte 

Jim E. ’86 and Kerry L. (Daugherty) ’86 Nason 

PJ ’02 and Jennifer A. Neal 

John E. ’68 and Diane R. Nichols 

John J. and Carol S. O’Neil, P ’05 

Timothy E. ’83 and Lisa R. (Moretti) ’82 Pauling 

Robert M. ’77 and Donna Pineau, P ’11 

Matthew K. ’03, MSA ’04 and Dana R. (Walker) ’03, MSA ’04 Rancourt 

Muriel D. Schadee, MST ’99 

Jeffrey R. ’83 and Gina R. (Papandrea) ’83 Schmidt 

Robert A. Signorino ’84 

Richard A. ’69 and Gayle P. Silver 

William J. Simione 

Peter J. ’70 and Diane Simone 

William B. ’52 and Evelyn M. Singer 

David P. ’81 and Adrienne W. (White) ’81 Souza, P ’18 

Bill G. ’88, MST ’90 and Christine (Marudzinski) ’90 Speciale

Zygment P. Stubelek II ’02 

Ken W. ’65 and Judith P. Sumner 

Kevin J. Sutula ’92, MSCIS ’01 

Bob M. ’78, MBA ’92 and Beth R. (Robertson) ’77, MSF ’82 Tobias 

Nicola and Pamela Viapiano, P ’20 

Leslie ’74, MST ’01 and Margaret Vitale, P ’10 

Christopher M. ’95 and Kristie L. (Penny) ’96 Volante 

Bryan R. ’82 and Therese M. (Sullivan) ’83 Walch, P ’19 

Jacquelyn R. Watson ’78 

Eric and Mary Jo Whitehead, P ’20 

John M. Whouley ’88 

Jim S. ’76 and Cindy R. (Murray) ’83 Wilson, P ’09 ’16 

Nancy J. Wine ’86 

David S. and Lilla P. Winsor 

Founder — $1,917 to $2,499

* = Deceased 
P = Parents 
H = Honorary Degree 
Names in bold = True Blue: Donors who have made a gift in each of the five most recent fiscal years. 

Deborah M. Adamian 

Jeff A. Anderson ’88 

Russell V. Antonevich Jr. ’87, MST ’92 

Paul G. Arrigg, P ’17 

Paul F. ’75 and Julie A. Ben-Susan 

Tezzy A. Bergantz ’07, MSA ’08 

Edward W. Bettke, P ’74 

Gregory and Nancy Bruno, P ’20 

Edwin M. Bullard ’61 

Jenna L. (Stordy) Caldwell ’94 

George W. and Judith Carmany 

John T. and Arleen H. (Hart) ’87 Carter, P ’14 

Jeffrey R. Cook, MST ’02 

Chuck E. Coppa ’85 

Thomas O. ’89, MST ’98 and Cheryl A. (Nicholson) ’89 Cyr 

Stephen N. ’64 and Karen Davis 

Ward S. Dennis 

Margaret C. Deutsch, MBA ’97 

Peter A. and Theano G. Eliopoulos, P ’18 ’19 

Kyle S. Fabian ’10, MST ’12 

Steven ’75 and Christine J. Fournier, P ’03 ’07 

Annemarie Frank ’88 

Jim R. ’73, MST ’01 and Christine Fuerst, P ’14 

Angela P. (Ciacera) Gusso ’03 

Michael J. Hadzipanajotis ’02 

Ryan S. Hayden, MSIT ’07, MBA ’07 

Robert A. ’87, MBA ’92 and Carolyn A. Howard, P ’20 

Lisa M. Hurley ’86, MSF ’93 

Robert J. Jakubec ’72, MST ’77 

Paul F. Kelleher ’70 

Denis ’76 and Suzanne H. Kelley, P ’04 

Terrence G. Kennedy ’71, MST ’77 

Mike L. Klarman ’97 

Nikos and Valerie Kolivodiakos, P ’20 

Jennifer M. Laing ’05 

Janet A. Latshaw-Mannheim ’82 and David Mannheim 

Ronald J. ’82 and Nina M. (Locketti) ’83 LeClair, P ’11 ’14 

Robert L. and Carolyn Lenington, P ’83 ’85 

Matt R. Luttinger ’75 

Robert L. and Carolyn C. (Toomey) ’82 Manfreda 

Daniel R., MSFP ’04 and Marcia Mantell 

Kevin P. ’63 and Claire M. Martin, P ’86 

Peter F. ’86 and Leslie A. McAree, P ’16 

Leo J. McDermott Jr. ’66 

Ann Marie McLaughlin ’73, MSA ’78 

Terrence M. McMahon ’93 

Rajesh P. Mohanani ’94 

Mark F. O’Neill ’95 

Jimmy S. Pappas, MSA ’95 and Jessica I. Perez-Rossello ’93, MBA ’94 

Raymond K. Pavlik ’65 

Arthur T. Perkins Jr. ’70 

James J. ’67, MST ’85 and Irene M. Reagan, P ’93 

Lynne M. H. Rosansky 

Mike P. Rymsha ’95 

Monir and Ayumi Saji, P ’17 

Jay A. ’74 and Janice A. Scansaroli 

Mike J. ’91 and Darlene Scarangella 

Frank K. Seyboth ’89 

Kotaro Shiba, P ’20 

Keith T. ’96 and Ana Singletary 

James F. ’56 and Margaret E. Smith 

Dimitrios Svolos, P ’21 and Victoria Frangouli, P ’21 

Robert L. Vachon ’71 

Christopher M. and Virginia A. Vukas, P ’18 

Vince Wong ’96 

Jacob C. Yorkis ’00 

Jianwen Dou, P ’21 and Xinxin Zhang, P ’21 

Partner — $1,000 to $1,916 

* = Deceased 
P = Parents 
H = Honorary Degree 
Names in bold = True Blue: Donors who have made a gift in each of the five most recent fiscal years.

Anonymous (3) 

Joseph N. Accardi ’72 

Joe Ackerman ’94 

Donald M. and Jill M. Adie, P ’18 ’20 

John M. ’82, MSF ’91 and Karen Aharonian 

Steven A. ’87 and Krista L. Alperin 

Karl F. Ames ’91 

Paul G. Anastos ’94 

Gerald D. Aquino ’02, MSA ’03 

William J. ’57 and Maria K. Baldasaro 

Shant R. ’02 and Kara J. (Bouvier) ’04 Banosian 

Amanda N. (Freedman) Baron ’08 

Suvajit and Mitra Basu, P ’21 

Thomas and Julie Bean, P ’19 

Jillian P. Berggren ’05, MBA ’10 

Kenneth S. ’94 and Nicole D. (Poly) ’94 Bettenhauser 

Jaclyn I. Bialer ’14 

Joseph M. Bierbaum ’08, MSMA ’10 

Robert P. Boehm ’68 

Eric S. Boyd ’99 

Richard C. ’00 and Megan E. (Ziemba) ’01 Bozzuto 

Paul W. ’42 and Beatrice Briggs 

Peter K. ’75 and Kathy Brockway, P ’20 

James H. Buckley ’10, MBA ’11 

Sarah C. Buhrmaster ’01 

Viet T. Bui, MSA ’99 

William J. ’68 and Maura Burke 

Cindy M. (Griffin) Burke ’84 

Joseph J. ’85, MBA ’90 and Tina M. Burke 

Simon J. ’91 and Stephanie A. (Mumford) ’91 Butler 

John R. Caban, MSA ’86 

Nicholas E. Calvetti Jr. ’67 

Marc C. Cammarota, MBA ’03 

Lawrence T. ’96 and Toni M. (Dorazio) ’96 Cannalonga 

Ilona V. (Rozwadowska) Cantor ’90 

Joseph H. and Patricia C. Cappalonga, P ’92 

Erik M. Carleton, MSF ’09, MBA ’11 

Gary J. ’83 and Mary Carvalho, P ’19 

Frank Celani ’79 

Wilfred K., MBA ’91 and Jane W. Chan, P ’16 

Robert ’64 and Nina Chicoski 

Luke A. Chilone, MSCIS ’96 

Brian E. ’79 and Mary E. Church 

Leslie C. Clark Jr. ’68 

Peter M. and Julie M. Clay, P ’14 ’18 

Paul, MSA ’78 and Patricia A. Clemente 

Wayne ’74 and Donna Clough, P ’11 

George S. Coburn II ’68 

Kenneth H. and Virginia V. Colburn 

Lance J. ’92 and S. C. Colwell 

Mark and Arlene Comora 

Anthony T. Congelosi ’08 

Brian F. Connolly ’01 

Catherine J. Connolly ’94 

Jason A. Cooper ’05 

Michael J. Corcoran, MBA ’88 

Jamie G. Cortas ’99 

Shawn D. Cote

John D. and Natalie A. Coulter, P ’15

Carrie A. (ViVenzio) Couto ’92

John W. Cox ’81

Maureen L. Creasia

Alia Crocker ’02

Stephen J. Curtis ’68

John E. Cussen ’71

Francis J. Daly

Benjamin I. Dandes *

Mark J. ’86, MST ’94 and Dianne M. (O’Brien) ’86 Davidson

Everett M. Davis ’54

Georgette Pidal de Hechavarria ’89

Lee R. Dean ’80

Martha J. Demski, P ’17

Lauren (Neville) Desforge ’79, MST ’03

Suzanne Devitt

Ann Dexter

Maureen (O’Grady) Diehl ’80

Grace C. (Walton) Doherty, MBA ’01

Ryan S. Donovan ’03

Philip Drapeau ’98

Dawn-Marie Driscoll, H ’94

Richie A. Eaton ’68

Daniel P. ’82 and Sherry S. Egan

Richard D. and Sandy A. (Forde) ’87 Fahey

Thomas A. ’73 and Anne Marie Faria, P ’04 ’07

Robert G., MST ’93 and Dorothy A. Feldmann

Timothy J. Fiacco ’93

Peter R. and Marie L. Finn, P ’13

Sean T. Finnegan ’10

Michael E. ’87, MBA ’89 and Susan J. Fitzgerald

Scott T. Fleming ’79

Maureen E. Flores

Douglas and Christine Flynn, P ’21

Peter B. Doeringer and Patricia M. Flynn

Harold C. ’59 and Sarah A. Foley

Thaddeus M. X. ’73 and Marjorie M. Fontes

John D. Forbes ’85

Ronald T. Forrest ’93

Andrew S. ’03 and Allison L. (Smith) ’03 Foster

Valerie E. Fox

Joel Freedenberg ’97

Noah C. ’98 and Jennifer Y. (O’Leary) ’98 French

Scott A. Fritz ’89

James and Tara Furlong

Lillian Gailius

Raymond D. and Cathryn H. (Harrington) ’85 Gallant, P ’09

Daniel and Tamela Gautier, P ’20

Richard H. ’52 and Priscilla Gavoor

Jay H., MBA ’99 and Denise Gelb

Robert L. Geoffroy ’94

Tom F. Gibson, MSF ’99

Lawrence ’52 and Claire Glovin

Tom E. and Karen J. ’92 Goemaat, P ’14

Richard P. Goldman ’79

Lauren M. Gotimer ’08

Thomas P. ’69 and Helen Graham

Paul Gray ’85

Daniel A. Green

Atul Gupta

Deborah S. Gustafson, MBA ’01

David I., MST ’79 and Patricia M. (Saucier) ’69 Hall

Stephen P. Hamm ’76

William M. ’84, MST ’91 and Annmarie Harlor

Linda Hartig, P ’81

Terry and Dotty D. (Damon), MSF ’87 Hayes

Jordan ’82 and Marsha C. Heller, P ’13

Steven D. Helwig ’95

William D. Hildebrand ’96

Mike G. Hill ’97 and Cheryl Evans

Paul W. and Maureen F. Hill, P ’97 ’00

Joanne (Severino) Hofmann Sexeny ’73

Bruce and Tammy Holder, P ’21

Brendan J. Houghton ’01

Xiaohua Hu, MSA ’98

Gregory and Renee Hughes, P ’20

Amy E. Hunter, MBA ’85

Estate of Betty Inglis

Stephen W. ’86 and Suzanne (Balog) Ingram

Michael T. Jammen ’87

Jerry P. ’65 and Marylou Jarasitis, P ’04

Robert E. Jennings ’66

William R. Joyce

Ian W. Kahn ’99

Aline (Zadourian) ’91 and Leon Kassabian, P ’20

Mahdy S. Katbe, P ’17 ’19 and Samar Moustafa, P ’17 ’19

Edward J., MST ’94 and Lillian (Sanchez), MBA ’94 Keefe

Sean M. Kelley ’00 and Geoffrey Herrick

John M. and Corinne M. Kelliher, P ’08

Gary E. Kelly, P ’11

Roger Kenvin

Thomas L. Keon ’71

Ara and Terry L. Kharajian, P ’15

J. A. Kohari ’05 and Kevin R. Kidd ’06

Christopher D. Klucznik ’04, MSA ’05

Martin R. Kolb ’68

Ari Koufos ’88

Betsy S. (Shaw) Kramer ’86

Tony J. ’88 and Rebekah S. (Seasholtz) ’89 LaCava

Muriel A. Landau ’51, MST ’79

Jonathan M. Larkin ’94, MSF ’02

Thomas A. LaTorre ’88

Jay P. and Claudia Lawson, P ’08

Michael J. ’83 and Sheila T. LeBlanc

Andrew E. ’55 and June Lemery

Alexander Leventhal ’05 and Lianne Gourji

Raymond J., MST ’78 and Patricia C. Levesque, P ’94

Fredric I. Levine ’98

Garry and Nancy Levitsky, P ’09

Arik S. Levy ’96

Stephen L. Limauro

Steven M. and Anne H. Lloyd, P ’15

Thomas S., MST ’84 and Terri Lodge, P ’04

Kevin M., MBA ’10 and Carol A. Loftus

Michael A. ’54 and Arline R. Longo

Roger W. Lovejoy, II ’90

Judith D. (Flaxman) Ludwig ’78

Raymond M. Lynn ’85

David E., MSA ’99 and Kelly MacKeen

Brigid A. Makes, MBA ’87

Tim and Sarah L. (Stoddard) ’96 Malcolm

Judith A. Malone

Angelo G. Manioudakis ’88

Megan E. McAuley ’98, MBA ’04 and Rick Catino

Ross and Rebecca McConnell, P ’19

James M. McCready ’91

Richard and Rosemary McCready, P ’14

Ralph W. McDonald ’80

Conor S. McEachern ’03

Martin M. McElroy Jr., P ’20

Mark F. McEvoy ’82

Sean J. 88 and Marilyn A. (Manteria) ’88 McEvoy

Terry T. McGann ’78

Karen F. McInnis ’91

Kevin F. and Joann C. McKenna, P ’10

Shawn C. ’96 and Wendy A. McKeon

Edward S. McKersie ’83

Lynne M. McLaughlin, MBA ’04

William McQuillan

Saul Mendelson

Anthony Mirabal ’91

Elena D. Miteva, MBA ’98

Brian N. Morehead ’89

Patricia Morrell

Timothy L. ’99 and Cheryl Murphy

David M. Muscato ’84

Steven V. Natale ’10, MSF ’13

James A. Needham ’73

John L. ’82 and Carol Neville

Charles L. ’85, MBA ’89 and Diana L. (Farrar) ’85 Nickerson, P ’14 ’17

Ronald H. Nix ’83

Joseph L. and Jeanne M. Nocera, P ’16

Tracy J. Noga

Angelo V. Nole Jr. ’83

Neal J. Nover ’83

John J. Nugent ’64

Aaron J. Nurick and Diane M. Austin

Richard A. Nurmi Jr. ’89

Jeffrey C. Oak

Caitlin E. Oakes-Zilinski ’08

Daniel A. and Diane B. (Brennan) ’82, MST ’88 O’Connell

Diane E. Offereins, P ’12

John and Pamela O’Leary 

Katherine L. (Blumberg) O’Malley ’98, MBA ’04 

Peri Onipede ’77 

Janice M. O’Reilly ’84 

Jeffrey M. Ostrum ’91 

Melanie A. (Mowdy) ’91, MBA ’92 and Jorge Otero 

Christina A. Pantaleo ’99 

John Papas 

Bryan M. Parsons ’97 

Danielle E. Parsons ’05, MST ’06 

Benjamin ’61 and Judith Peltz 

MaryBeth (Baglini) Persons ’84 

Gary C. and Judith A. Petrosino, P ’08 

Philip C. Picillo ’79 

Timothy P. and Alice Pidgeon, P ’17 

Jack ’75 and Barbara M. Pini 

Gerard H. Porter ’56 

David J. ’87 and Kim M. (Anastasi) ’87 Puig 

Ronald T. ’00 and Malinda A. (Biagiotti) ’00 Pulicari 

Robert K. and Karen M. Raeburn, P ’08 ’10 

Elizabeth Rainoff 

Tom Ralston 

Suhas C. Rao, MSCIS ’93 

Brian M. Reagan ’93, MSFP ’06 

Joseph T. Realmuto Jr., MST ’88 

Douglas J. Reynolds, MST ’85 

Jodi A. (Jenkins) Richardson ’91, MST ’92 

Steven M. ’82 and Janice B. Richardson 

Anthony J. Rossi ’94 and Lidia Frattaruolo ’11 

Linda S. Roy ’88 

Marcelo G. Sa ’01 

Joseph ’80, MBA ’83, MST ’87 and Ann M. (McCarran) ’83, MSA ’85 Sachetta, P ’10 

John P. Sagarino ’95 

Robert M. ’91, MBA ’95 and Lee A. (Kaloustian), MBA ’99 Salerno 

Enzo G. Scalora, MBA ’05 

Steve Schmidt, P ’18 

John F. Schmuck ’89 

Cynthia A. Scott 

Jeffrey D. and Nancy A. Serkes, P ’12 

Michael D. ’80 and Barbara A. Shangraw 

Satyendra Sharma, MBA ’09 

Jeremy W. Shea ’01 

Cathleen E. (Connor) Shea ’83 

Donald W. Sheehan ’51 * 

Gregory P. and Mary M. Shine, P ’17 

Leonard A. Shivok ’68 

Said G., MSA ’77 and Joyce C. Signor, P ’14 

Michael E. Sikonski ’09 

Rose Simione, P ’19 

John A. and Phyllis D. Sims, P ’96 

Steven B. Smotrich ’76 

Lynn Snyder-Mackler 

Alan D. ’83 and Dana L. Sobel 

Donna M. (Gillis) Sola ’64, P ’93 

Maura A. Spellman, MBA ’93 

Robert E. ’77, MST ’85 and Stephanie Spencer, P ’07 ’09 

Michael D. ’00 and Carolyn R. (Gaffney) ’00 Spengler 

Gene R. ’54 and Ann M. Spino 

Michael J. ’88 and Regina L. Stack 

John Stanton ’96 

Wayne E. Staples ’59 and Cheryl Ralston 

Gary H. Stein, MST ’80 

Marcus M. Stewart ’92, MBA ’95 

Owen N. Stoddard ’90 

Frederick M. and Betty A. Strader, P ’17 

Gary M. Sullivan ’82 

Robert D. Susi ’07 

Michael F. Szymanski ’85 

Geraldine S. Taylor 

Gary and Ann Marie Tidona, P ’20 

William A. and Pam Phillips Torrey 

Martin and Dorine E. Toyen, P ’99 

Francis X. Tracy ’79, MST ’84 and Deborah Dean 

Ryan P. ’95 and Jennifer M. (Maynard) ’94 Troncalli 

Kathleen A. Tucker ’81 

Taylor Valentine ’00 

Erin E. Varga ’01 

James G. Vecchiarelli ’94 

Robert F. ’73 and Paula R. (Bacall) Verdonck, P ’99 

Nicholas P. Vitale ’10 

Richard D. Vitale ’67, MST ’85 

Lindsay R. Vose, MBA ’15 

Thomas J. Wagner ’92 

Michael R. Weafer ’02 

Mary C. Webb 

Stephen and Roberta Weiner 

David C. Westerman ’80 

Robert and Victoria Whalen, P ’20 

Jeffrey B. Wheeler ’82 

Gregory J. Wilcox ’92 

William J. Williams ’89 

Andrew J. ’86, MST ’93 and Nicole R. Wilson, P ’16 

Francine T. (Harris) Wilson ’75 

Howard A. Winer ’58 

Norman M. Wise ’65 

Robert H. Wittstein 

Robert A., MSF ’90 and Michelle Wolpe, P ’20 

Christopher D. Woods ’81, MSF ’88 

Robert W. Wright ’68, MSF ’82 

Paul and Kathleen L. Yorkis, P ’00 

Associate — $250 to $999

Recent undergraduate alumni may join the President's Club as an Associate with a gift of $250 or more each year during the first four years following graduation and a gift of $500 or more in years five through nine.

* = Deceased 
P = Parents 
H = Honorary Degree 
Names in bold = True Blue: Donors who have made a gift in each of the five most recent fiscal years. 

Max M. Adler ’17 

Alyssa M. Benesty ’12, MST ’13 

Jessica L. Berke ’11 

Daniel A. Bonamassa ’11 

Kevin D. Diefenbach ’16 

George L. Go Jr. ’13 

Taylor W. Grant ’12 

Brian Harris ’17 

Edith E. Joachimpillai ’12 

Emily B. Kelly ’11 

Lauren E. Mazzone ’12, MBA ’16 

Michael J. McDermott ’13 

Daniel P. McKenna ’10 

Cody C. Normyle ’13 

Kaelyn M. O’Connell ’13 

Christopher Phelps ’12, MBA ’13 

Jennifer A. Prudencio ’15 

Spencer W. Smitherman ’12 

Dennis A. Witol ’17 

Kyle M. Young ’15 

True Blue

Bentley is privileged to have thousands of generous alumni, parents and friends who have given back every year for the three most recent fiscal years or more (as of July 1, 2019) — many have given back to the university for decades.

I am so proud of the education I received and am very impressed with the positive changes and educational advancements that have taken place over the last three decades. With my son being a sophomore at Bentley, I have been able to experience many of these great enhancements first-hand. A top shelf education and an amazing environment in which to thrive, that's what Bentley is, and that's why I give back each and every year!

Kathy Reagan ’89 MBA, ’95, Chair, True Blue
Co-chair: Ben Shoham ’16

The 1917 Legacy Society

Alumni, parents and friends who have included Bentley in their estate or financial plans are offered membership in the 1917 Legacy Society, which provides educational program, special events and updates on the university.

Days should be filled with helping people, whether they are family or kids who need to get off the streets. There’s a lot of hurt in the world; if one is blessed with good health and finances, one should give back.

Robert G. Ripley Jr. ’80, Chair, The 1917 Legacy Society