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Scholarships and Financial Aid

An investment in tomorrow’s business leaders

Most families spend years saving for college and all that comes with it. Tuition and room and board, books and supplies, sports and study abroad. But even the best planning doesn’t fully prepare a family when their child has earned acceptance to an education a cut above the rest, like Bentley — especially amid a global pandemic.

  • How do we bring the most exceptional and deserving students from around the world to our campus?
  • How do we build a student body that’s diverse in every way — one that accurately reflects the society we live in? 
  • How do we bridge the gap that separates Bentley from our competitors, who are able to offer more aid to worthy students?

With support from alumni, families and friends.

Scholarship Priorities


Financial Aid

Vital to the success of our students, especially in this unstable economy. Financial aid is the difference between Bentley, our competition and, in some cases, no college at all.

Service-Learning and Civic Engagement

Boosting the sense of responsibility that fuels us all to redefine the bottom line.

Honors Program

Supporting the best and brightest who raise the bar for all of us — and have proven they deserve to be at Bentley and are thriving here.

FirstGen Presidential Fellows Program

A prestigious scholarship for first-generation students who have demonstrated leadership and promise.

Bentley is dedicated to providing as much aid as possible to as many deserving students as possible.

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended life for all of us, but it has been uniquely disruptive for colleges, students and their families. The uncertainty of the future weighs heavily as they make a plan to complete, and finance, a college education.

That's where scholarships — and the generous donors who create them — come in. A range of scholarships are awarded each year to students based on merit, need, designation of a donor’s preferences or a combination thereof. They can be endowed (a gift that is invested and generates an annual dividend) or expendable (available for current use). Bentley scholarships are invaluable gifts from generous alumni and friends that can change the life of a deserving student.

Michael Berman ’21

“The day I got my acceptance email from Bentley, I thought: Please, somebody pinch me. Now I’m here and it feels like a dream. Classmates who love learning. Awesome clubs and my upcoming internship at Travelers. I thank my donors with all my heart. This scholarship is the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and I will continue working hard to make sure my Bentley education isn’t taken for granted.”

Michael Berman ’21

In 2020, the Steven P. ’73 & Christine ’73 Manfredi Finish Line Grant Fund helped 51 seniors make it to graduation, including Fatoumatta Kebbeh ’20:

“What separates most people from reaching their dreams in life is opportunity. Someday, I hope to be in the position where I can grant a student in need a fund that can make all the difference in their life so that they too have the opportunity to live their wildest dream.”

Fatoumatta Kebbeh ’20

Being a positive force for the world starts with each of us raising our hand.

To make a meaningful gift of scholarship or financial aid, please contact Betsy Whipple at or 781-891-2769.