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English Degree Curriculum

Required and Elective Courses

Major Requirements:

  • Introduction to Film, Literature, and Media
  • Introduction to Cultural Studies
  • Four electives in the English and Media Studies department

You must choose one course on diverse or global literature or cinema from the following:

  • Introduction to African American Literary and Cultural Studies
  • Caribbean Literature
  • Immigrant and Ethnic Literature
  • Passing in American Literature
  • Money, Love, and Death: Colonialism in Literature and Culture
  • African American Women Writers
  • Selected Topics in African American Lit and Cultural Studies
  • African Americans in Hollywood Cinema
  • International Cinema
  • Native American Literature and Culture
  • Literature of the Holocaust
  • Literature and Film of the Vietnam War


You must choose one creative writing course from the following:

  • Poetry
  • Fiction
  • Drama Writing
  • Screenwriting
  • Nonfiction/Essay
  • Mixed Genres

Sample Listing of English Courses:

  • The Bible as Literature
  • The New Testament
  • Images of the Hero
  • Women in Literature
  • The Irish Tradition
  • Graphic Novel
  • Shakespeare
  • English Romanticism, 1790-1850
  • American Icons
  • Sexual Identity and Culture
  • American Cities in Literature
  • Sitcom Nation: The American Family in Fiction and Film
  • Introduction to Cinema Studies
  • Great Directors
  • Women in Film
  • International Cinema
  • Hollywood Genres
  • The Male Image in American Film
  • Wonder Women
  • The City in American Film