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Earth, Environment, and Global Sustainability Concentration

Just how long can the planet’s resources sustain us?

Answering this question is one of our biggest global challenges. Scientific and technological solutions to these issues will depend on economic, political, and social advances requiring international cooperation. This concentration provides you with a background in earth and its environmental systems, together with global perspectives on the challenges of sustainable development.

Sample Projects

Students’ final projects have included:

  • Proposal for a new Bentley Accounting course that explores organizations' environmental impacts and costs
  • •Research project on the environmentally friendly purchasing practices of other colleges and universities; results were presented to Bentley administration to help create a formal purchasing policy
  • •Analysis of the Polynesian island of Tuvalu's vulnerability to and preparedness for climate change-related increases in sea level, based partly on interviews of people who had traveled there
  • •Investigation of whether or not sustainable tourism is based solely on environmental preservation or can be developed into a more sustainable business model among tour operators and resorts
  • •Research project exploring if Ground2Ground, an organization dedicated to reusing coffee grounds, should be revamped to focus on the production of coffee tables