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Global Perspectives Concentration

In today’s world, there are lots of thinking, communicating, doing business and governing — some of them very different than ours.

This concentration gives you a firm understanding of the global economy, as well as the distinct regions and cultures of the world.

Sample Projects

Students' final projects have included:

  • Study on how Latin American billionaires have amassed their wealth and the effect they have on their countries
  • •Abstract painting of the student's global experiences, accompanied by an explanatory essay
  • •Website that allows teachers to collaborate on and discuss global issues using tools such as blogs, forums, discussion boards and chats
  • •Student-authored bilingual, fictional children's stories for two English as a Second Language elementary classrooms in the Waltham community
  • •Presentation on the student's experiences in short-term study abroad programs in Berlin. London and Prague, and the benefits of these types of programs