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Media and Culture Degree Faculty

Liz LeDoux
Director, Media and Culture Program

What do you teach?

I teach courses primarily in film, media and video production, advanced production (motion design, sound design, cinematography, editing), communication, and cinema studies, as well as courses focused on media theory and the media industries.

What do you enjoy about teaching at Bentley?

The media industries are a business, so I particularly enjoy teaching courses in creative process within a business context. Additionally, because the Media and Culture major is housed in the English and Media Studies Department, the focus of my courses and production assignments is on visual and aural storytelling.

What is your teaching style?

My teaching style is predominantly geared to discussion and debate of material. Students need to defend their choices and realize their potential audiences' responses to their work. Because media technologies and their integration into society can change so rapidly, a teaching approach that incorporates discussion and direct application to specific media examples is absolutely essential.

What advice would you offer a new Bentley student?

You want to make sure that every day that you go to your job, you are happy in what you are doing. But, a college education is not just about preparing for that job. Your ability to critically think for yourself, analyze things around you, and facilitate innovation and creative processes all affect career endeavors. More importantly, they affect your ability to change the world for the better.