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Admission101 podcast

A podcast about the college search

The college admission process can seem confusing at times. That’s why we created Admission 101, a podcast about the college search. Join two members of our senior admissions team as they share their best tips and advice for finding — and getting into — your dream school. Now available for download on iTunes!

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Episode 1

How to build your list and start your search

Episode 2

Prepare for standardized testing

Episode 3

Understanding financial aid

Episode 4

How to get recruited as an athlete

Episode 5

What to do if you're waitlisted

Episode 6

Accepted! What's next?

Episode 7

How to write a memorable college essay

Episode 8

How to ace your college interview

Episode 9

Deciding when to apply 

Episode 10

Get the most out of college fairs

Episode 11

Campus visit tips

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