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Applying Early Decision

Early Decision is an application option for students who have completed a comprehensive college search and determined that Bentley University is their top choice. Early decision is binding, which means that if you are accepted, you are committed to attending and will withdraw any applications you may have submitted to other schools. At Bentley, all Early Decision applicants are considered for scholarships and admission decisions are traditionally released in mid-December.

If you think Early Decision is right for you, please use the checklist below to ensure we have all the necessary materials to review your application.


1. Submit your application by the deadline.
Early Decision deadline for Bentley is November 15. 

2. Request your SAT or ACT scores be sent to Bentley.  
If you take the test in October, we will have scores to us in time for Early Decision. If you take the SAT’s in November and pay to rush the results, we will have your score in time for Early Decision. 


3. Tell your guidance counselor that you are applying Early Decision to Bentley.
This is a very busy time of the year for high school guidance counselors and some are responsible for assisting hundreds of students. By giving them advance notice, it will help ensure that we have your transcripts and recommendations by the deadline.


4. We will need an indication of your performance in the classroom.  
We can accept grades from your school as late as the first week of December, if you let us know they’ll be delayed.


5. Submit your FAFSA and CSS PROFILE by November 15.  
This ensures the Office of Financial Assistance can review your application as quickly as possible.

*All Early Decision applicants are considered for merit scholarship.