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Thousands of Perspectives. One Campus.

Every year, Bentley’s various cultural organizations team up to put on a two-week Culture Fest. From an Indian dance performance in honor of Diwali, to a chance to explore the international side of New York City during a day trip, to a world trivia night, to an International Photo Contest with entries hailing from Croatia, Kazakhstan, Iceland, Japan, Spain, and more, Bentley students and faculty come together to celebrate our diverse community. And no Culture Fest would be complete without food — there’s always plenty, from all corners of the world!

“What people can really learn from Culture Fest and shows like Diwali is how unique the Bentley community really is . . . [I learned] lot more about my own culture . . . [and it has] helped me step out of my comfort zone and try things I would have never done before such as dancing.” -- Agarwala Arjun


“As globalization rapidly spreads across the world, one of the key things that millennials need to adapt to is the ability to work across borders starting from Day One. What Culture Fest allows you to do is immerse yourself in different worlds whilst being home in a fun, laid back environment.” -- Usama Salim

“La Raza is a very rewarding show that helps bring out each individual’s personal values and characteristics. This is a great event for students who want to display their country and culture and present their talent to a diverse audience.” -- Shantilee Green