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Services for Transfer Students

There are a number of offices and resources on campus to make sure you acclimate to Bentley as smoothly as possible.

Orientation for Transfer Students

Each semester, all new students attend a five-day Orientation, which begins in the days prior to the first day of classes. Both Commuter and Resident students will attend this orientaton and resident students will move in to their residence hall on the first day. During the Orientation experience, students will meet faculty, staff and fellow students; learn about campus; and officially become part of the Bentley Community.  They will attend educational workshops and programs.  For more information click here.

Transfer Seminar

Transfer Seminar is a 5-week seminar designed to facilitate the intellectual, social, and personal transition of students to Bentley University. The goal of Transfer Seminar is to assist students with their adjustment to our campus and to increase the likelihood that they will be academically and socially successful at Bentley.

Transfer Seminar is taught by a professional staff member who will also serve as the students’ academic advisor.  In addition, each seminar will have the benefit of a student facilitator – a former transfer student who can share experiences, perspectives and make a positive impact on the new student experience.

Academic Advising

The Office of Academic Services is the primary support to the campus community in helping every student throughout their academic career to create an individual education plan that will help them attain the goals that they have set for themselves. For more information on how the Office of Academic Services specifically advises transfer students, please visit their website.

Career Services

The Bentley Office of Career Services is ranked #1 in the country by the Princeton Review. The staff offers an extensive array of advising, programming, recruiting and networking for all Bentley students as well as Bentley alumni. We take great pride in the employment success of Bentley students. Our offerings begin right when you join our community and are strategically designed to guide students through an individualized career development process. The commitment and efforts of our staff in working with students and employers are confirmed by annual graduation surveys that reflect consistently high levels of employment and graduate school acceptances. We invite you to explore all that we have to offer.

Career Development 101

All first-year and transfer students are encouraged to take Career Development Introduction Seminar (CDI 101), an innovative seven-week program designed to help students get a jumpstart on thinking about their career goals. This course is taught by advisers in the Undergraduate Career Services Office and it will provide an overview of workplace readiness covering topics including: 

  • Personal and professional goal development
  • Interactive lab sessions on resume and cover letter writing and interviewing skills
  • Internship preparation and professionalism
  • Networking and utilizing social media

Learning Centers

We have a number of centers on campus to help you reach your career goals. Whether you are struggling in your accounting class, or want to start a new volunteer project, we have a center and support staff to assist you. You will find a full list of Centers and Labs located on campus that are for both undergraduate and graduate students.