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Student Fellowship

2018 Fellows pose together at welcome event

Preparing Inclusive Leaders

Organizations understand that fostering an inclusive workplace leads to a more engaged, innovative workforce and higher profitability. Undergraduate students who participate in the spring-semester Student Fellowship explore current workplace diversity issues and learn how individuals and organizations can be more inclusive. These are critical insights they will use as inclusive leaders.

Fellowship runs January - May 2022. 

The application for the Spring 2022 Fellowship will open in September 2021.

Yasmeen Alwani
My Experience with the Fellowship
Yasmeen Alwani '20

Past Student Fellow Yasmeen Alwani shares her experiences with her involvement, "This fellowship is an opportunity well worth taking. It will broaden your diversity of thought, increase your knowledge on important workplace topics, and foster a new community for you at Bentley University"

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Program Structure

The Fellowship consists of a series of learning opportunities structured to offer flexibility while ensuring Fellows gain knowledge fundamental to understanding and building an inclusive workplace. In order to complete the program, Fellows must meet the requirements outlined below by the end of spring semester. All Fellows meet with Fellowship program coordinator prior to the start of the program to review the requirements and outline a plan to meet their goals.

Fellows discussion social identity and stereotypes in unconscious bias workshop
Core Topic Events

All events required

These workshops and events introduce Fellows to critical workplace diversity issues and best practices fundamental to inclusion.

  • Understanding Unconscious Bias
  • Importance of Mentorship and Networking
  • Men as Allies Roundtable
  • Perspectives: Hearing Others
Mentor Circles and Corporate Visits

At least one mentor circle and one corporate visit required

Students gain real-world perspectives and make meaningful connections through mentor circles led by senior leaders and corporate visits to various industries. 

Related On Campus and Boston-area Events

Attend at least two related events

A wide range of diversity and inclusion related events happen at Bentley and in the Boston area, which SEI will highlight to you. Events include:

  • Flex Dialogues - Intergroup Dialogue Workshops
  • WorldView International Student Presentations
  • Cultural Heritage Month events
  • Racial Justice Leadership training
  • Harvard Dynamic Women in Business Conference
  • Bentley Women’s Network Conference
  • And more
SEI Studies and Peer Learning

Contribute to at least one topic

Read two articles related to diversity and inclusion issues and post to the community blog. Range of topics includes:

  • Intersections of Gender & Race
  • Inclusion and Organizational Change
  • Employee Affinity Groups
  • The Wage Gap
  • The Talent Pipeline
  • Workplace Flex
  • And more
Fellowship Community Events

Throughout the semester, Fellowship events provide opportunities to network with Bentley students interested in advancing diversity and inclusion. Events include:

  • Orientation Brunch
  • Meet and Eat Lunches
  • Pizza Night
  • Required Final Presentations and Celebration Lunch
Group of 15 fellows at the welcome brunch

The Application Process

  • Open to 30-40 undergraduates
  • Open to all genders
  • Apply by October 22, 2021
  • Program runs January - May 2022
  • Not open to current WLP participants

To apply, write a 500-700 word essay describing why you are interested in participating in the Fellowship. The essay may include information about personal, academic or employment experiences that have informed your views and interest in participating. The essay may also include personal goals for the Fellowship.

The application for the Spring 2022 Fellowship will open in September 2021.

Ryan Cadorette ‘18
During my time in the Fellowship, I learned the importance of having men stand up not only as allies, but also advocates and mentors for women in order to emphasize the importance (and better efficiency) that comes with having diverse leaders and ideas.
Ryan Cadorette ‘18
Past Fellow and Human Resources Management Major

Questions? Please contact Christine Lookner, Associate Dean for Student Equity & Inclusion.