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Residential Center Student Employment Opportunities

RA Application Now Live!

Position Description

Resident Assistants (RAs) are student staff members living in the residence halls who facilitate opportunities that have a positive impact on students living in the halls. RAs build connections with and amongst individuals living in their communities, through one-on-one interactions and community programming and meetings. RAs foster inclusive communities and assist in maintaining a safe and positive environment for all students living within the residence halls. RAs are held to a high standard of accountability and personal conduct due to the unique role-modeling needed in this position. As such, RAs are an extension of the Residential Center and act as staff members in the office. RAs should conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with the mission of the Residential Center and Bentley University.

Please see below for an RA Information Packet (subject to change), a link to CISS with information that can be helpful for international student candidates, a recording of the 2022-2023 RA Info Session, Defined Community information, and a link to the Pulsifer Career Development Center.

Apply here! Click here for the RA Info Packet

RA Application Due

January 24, 2022

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Defined Communities

The Defined Communities at Bentley provide an enhanced environment of learning within the residence halls. Each community provides dedicated spaces for students with similar interests and passions to live and learn around a central theme or academic focus. Each community has its own RA, please email Sabrina Cruz, Assistant Director for the Residential Center for more information regarding Defined Communities at

Information for International Students

Bentley University offers a warm and inviting community for international students to learn, grow professionally, and engage with the world. The Center for International Students and Scholars (CISS) offers resources for international students and promotes interactions between domestic and international students. CISS makes it possible for all Bentley students to gain both a global perspective and a broadened world view. To learn more about being employed at the university as an international student, please visit the CISS webpage.

Bentley University's Career Services

From the day you start at Bentley, we're focused on how to transition your coursework into a career. We lay the foundation for a lifetime of successful career management through training, technology and close corporate partnerships. For interview preparation and support, visit the Career Development Center's webpage linked below.

Pulsifer Career Development Center


Rebecca DeMelo | Forest & Kresge

"I wanted to be an RA because I wanted to have the experience of being able to take care of something, in a sense of being able to care for students and being a resource for them in a friendly and approachable way."


Ridge Gonzales | Trees Complex

"It has definitely been a talking point in a lot of interviews. It has also given me many opportunities to work on my time management and organizational skills which are applicable to many different areas of life."


Anel Galimbek | Main Campus Apartments

"RA job has a lot of benefits but I am the most grateful for people I work with. I am very happy to say that I became friends with my fellow staff members and enjoyed every aspect of working together. If it wasn't for their advice, guidance, and humor, the job would have been very different to me. Other than that, I met so many great people among tho whole Residence life and my area residents, which is a great way to increase your network."


Daniel Kotey | Miller Hall

"Being a community builder is such an enriching experience as you engage with people of different backgrounds and often learn so many new things. Through all of these interactions, I was able to build so many wonderful connections and grow as a person, socially and emotionally. I really value all of the interactions I have as an RA because the bonds I am able to create and sometimes even a small “Hello” is able to have impact as well"

Recorded RA Informational Session