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Business in Society Report

What does good business look like in the age of AI? In this second annual Bentley-Gallup survey, we asked 5,458 people across America where they think businesses are having a positive impact – and where they are coming up short. Here is one of the key findings.

55% of Americans say businesses should speak out about climate change but only 19% want their opinions on political candidates

Do you think businesses should take a public stance on these topics?

Percentage responding "yes"
Do you think businesses should take a public stance on these topics? 

"Some consumers are becoming 'controversy-weary.' They don’t want to be confronted by companies' stances on controversial issues while shopping for milk or diapers. And for companies in tune with GenZers’ preference for companies to take stances on social issues, it’s tricky because even the best-intentioned companies often lack the tools or corporate culture to do it effectively." 

Susan Dobscha
Professor of Marketing
Bentley University

"Americans historically have perceived partisanship as unseemly. They’re uncomfortable when politics is pushed on them in non-political spaces like while they’re at work, shopping at the mall or when a campaign commercial comes on during their favorite TV show. Companies taking public stances on controversial topics? No, thanks. On the majority of issues, most people prefer that they stick to business."

Jeff Gulati 
Professor of Political Science
Bentley University

Should companies take a public stance?

A new paper based on the Bentley-Gallup survey findings reveals that Americans want companies to speak out on climate change and mental health but not on religion and political candidates. 

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