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University Police

Emergency Information

In the event of an emergency affecting the Bentley community, a BentleyAlert will be sent to students, faculty and staff via text, email and phone. In some situations, emergency sirens located throughout campus may sound an alarm followed by a brief voice message when activated through the BentleyAlert system. The university is required to test the BentleyAlert system, which includes alerts via text, email and phone, twice per year to ensure all systems are working properly.

Contacting You in an Emergency

In the event of a campus emergency, a BentleyAlert will be sent to you based on the personal information you submit in Workday. We ask that you please keep this information up to date at all times. It's especially important that we have your current mobile phone number in the event that we need to send text notifications about emergencies on or near campus. We're most successful in communicating emerging information if your primary phone number is a text capable device.

You can confirm your information is entered as such by following the steps below:

Once logged in to Workday > Personal Information > Contact Information > Edit > Change Home Contact Information > Confirm that your Primary Phone number is labeled as “mobile” and that all other necessary contact fields are completed.

To reach University Police, in the event of an emergency call (781) 891-3131. 

Be prepared, and learn how to respond in an emergency situation.

Contact Delegation

Bentley staff will use the information you have provided in Workday to notify your delegated emergency contact in the event you experience an emergency. To view/edit this information please follow the below steps: 

Once logged in to Workday > Personal Information > Emergency Contacts > Edit


In the event of an emergency notification or timely warning, a BentleyAlert will be sent to all students, faculty and staff with important updates or actions that may need to be taken. Timely warnings are alerts sent to the campus community related to a crime that has been committed with the intent to aid in the prevention of someone falling victim to a similar crime. Emergency notifications are sent in the event of an immediate threat to the health or safety of the campus community.

Timely Warnings

There are no timely warnings at this time.

Emergency Notifications

There are no emergency notifications at this time.