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Due to COVID-19, the university requires non-emergency personnel to remain off campus in accordance with Gov. Baker’s order no later than Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Emergency Information - Notifications

In the event of an emergency on the Bentley campus, the university uses the Rave Alert Emergency Notification System to alert students, faculty and staff via text, email and phone.  Alertus sirens are also located throughout the campus (North Campus, Main campus/MOR, Falcone North, Fenway) and will sound an alarm followed by a brief voice message when activated through the Rave system. The sirens will only be used in the event of a Level 1 emergency on the Bentley campus – this is an emergency that impacts the majority of community, requires ALL to take action and poses imminent threat.

The University is required to test the RAVE system, which includes alerts via text, email and phone, two times per year to ensure it is working properly and community members are familiar with it. We are required to test the Alertus system — which is the campus siren followed by a voice message — once per year.


To reach University Police, call (781) 891-3131. 

Be prepared, and learn how to respond in an emergency situation.

If severe weather or a campus-wide emergency occurs, it may be necessary to cancel classes and close offices. The official, most accurate cancellation information will be shared via:

  • Campus Notification phone line: 781-891-2020
  • The Bentley website 
  • Email, text, and phone via the Rave Alert Emergency Notification System
  • Local media stations
  • Bentley social media channels 

Make sure we can reach you in case of an emergency. Update your contact information in MyBentley. Include three critical pieces of information:

  1. One or more phone numbers where you can always be reached; most importantly, your cell phone number, if you have one. This information will be kept confidential.
  2. The name and phone numbers of an emergency contact person.

  3. Verification that you have created an emergency plan.

When severe weather impacts campus safety, it may be necessary to cancel classes and close offices. The official, most accurate information will be recorded on the Campus Notification phone line at 781-891-2020, posted on the Bentley website, and shared with the campus community via email, text, phone (when appropriate) through the Rave Alert Emergency Notification System.

Learn More

Check this page, the university homepage and Bentley social media channels for updates in the event of an emergency.

Those who live near the University should be aware that the Alertus siren and the announcement that follows may be heard by off-campus. Bentley is required to test the Alertus siren system once per year.