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Student Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion at Bentley

We celebrate our differences and encourage curiosity. Diverse backgrounds, beliefs and life experiences all come together at Bentley, making it a vibrant place to live, learn and explore.

Through conversation, programs and events, we’re shaping the world we want to live in. Please join us.

The Student Equity & Inclusion Team

The Student Equity & Inclusion team provides support, advocacy, advising and care to students with the goal of enhancing student success. In particular, we support gender equity, spiritual health, students of color, religiously-affiliated students, international students, and LGBTQ+ identified students throughout their Bentley experience. 

Student Equity & Inclusion departments not only act independently to provide services to diverse populations of students, but also work as a unified team to create intersectional programs. We encourage identity development and implement campus-wide educational and celebratory programming with the over-arching mission of fostering a sense of belonging for all students. 

Signature Programs


Cultural & Heritage Months

The SEI team collaborates with student organizations throughout the year to honor cultural and heritage months such as Black History Month, Pride Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, AAPI Heritage Month, and more. 


Student Equity and Inclusion (SEI) Student Consultants

Aligned with Bentley University’s core values of collaboration, diversity, and impact; Student Equity, and Inclusion (SEI) Student Consultants undergo a thorough application, interview, and training process led by the Student Equity and Inclusion Staff Liaison to help offices design impactful, inclusive, and equitable programming. They can:

•    Assist in developing and refining proposals and programs
•    Conduct data analysis and generate reports
•    Gather and apply real-time feedback from peers 

Get Involved:
•    Faculty and staff can request SEI Student Consultant services by filling out this form.
•    Interested in becoming an SEI Student Consultant? Apply here. 
•    Learn about the job here.
•    For any questions, please email


We support your personal and spiritual growth at Bentley

Our Communities

Multicultural Community

The Multicultural Center supports students of color and their allies by creating safe spaces for dialogue and providing resources they need to succeed. Learn about different cultures, find classmates with similar experiences, or become an ally for your new friends.

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Multicultural Community
Festival of Colors

International Community

Bentley is a more vibrant place to live and learn because of its international community. The Center for International Students & Scholars supports international students and scholars with important visa and travel guidance, and with programming like WorldView to help international students get connected and feel at home.

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Gender and LGBTQ Community

We welcome, value and support students of all gender identities and sexualities. And we’re always learning how we can build a more inclusive, informed and compassionate community. Bentley’s Gender and Sexuality Student Lounge is a welcoming, inclusive space designed as a home base for students who identify as women and/or as LGBTQ+, and their allies, where they can engage others and advance social justice issues. In addition, the Office of Gender and Sexuality Student Programs, in partnership with the Center for Women in Business, offers programs focused on critical workplace diversity issues and strategies for self-advocacy and inclusion.

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Pride Parade
Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life

Bentley is home to students from around the world, and all faiths are welcome. We honor the perspective and values our diverse students add to the community. Spiritual Life also dedicates space, staff and resources for your spiritual journey.

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First-Generation College Students

Bentley works hard to help first-generation students navigate and take full advantage of the many services and programs available to them here. Our inclusive environment embraces the first-generation student, developing opportunities for them to interact with each other, instilling confidence in them so they can reach their full potential, and recognizing their accomplishments and contributions to Bentley, both inside and outside the classroom.

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