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Recreational Fitness

Be Active at Bentley

Recreational Fitness

Being active is important to your physical and emotional well-being. In addition to protecting your body’s health, regular activity improves mood, boosts energy, promotes sleep and social engagement. If time feels like an issue, you can aim for short bursts of movement throughout the day.

There are many fitness options on and around campus.

Wellable On-Demand Fitness Classes

Bentley University has partnered with Wellable to provide students with on-demand fitness, movement and stress reduction classes on your computer, tablet or phone. Students will receive a welcome email and information for downloading the app and creating their Wellable accounts. Wellable connects to wearable fitness devices too. There are over 400 classes to choose from with new content being added monthly to continuously support your movement interests and goals.

Slade Hall

Slade Hall Wellness Studio

The Wellness Studio, located in the lower level of Slade Hall, is home to weekly fitness and RAD classes. The space features mirrored walls, wood floors and a TV/Blu-ray player. Yoga equipment, pilates rings and resistance bands are available for personal fitness. Residential students may use the space when organized fitness classes are not in session. The studio closes at 10:00 p.m. in observance of quiet hours.

Slade Hall Racquetball Court

The racquetball court on the lower level of Slade Hall is available to residential students on a first-come, first-served basis. Equipment is available to borrow. In addition to racquetball, student can use the space for wallyball and dodgeball.

Reserving Recreation Spaces

Recognized student organizations and student leaders may reserve the Slade Wellness Studio or Racquetball Court for regularly occurring practices or one-time events. 

Outdoor Fitness, Recreation and Local Hiking

Bentley offers several outdoor recreation facilities, including the track located on lower campus, outdoor basketball courts by the Trees and Copley residence halls, and beach volleyball courts behind Forest and Kresge.

Local hiking is just steps away. Woodland Trails at Stonehurst are just at the corner of Beaver and Forest streets. And Veteran’s Field in Waltham has a walking loop around its turf fields. You can access Veteran's Field from North Campus.

Recreational Student Organizations

BEAR Outdoors Club

The purpose of the BEAR Outdoors Club is to provide Bentley students the opportunity to integrate outdoor activities with their academic agenda. This club provides an outlet for the students and enables them to meet other recreationally involved students on campus. Trips include rock climbing, hiking, camping, kayaking, water holes, capture the flag, sledding, mountain biking and fishing.


Bentley Student Gaming Organization

The purpose of the Bentley Student Gaming Organization (BSGO) is to bring together a varied and diverse group of students who share a love of interactive entertainment, and to offer them the opportunity to participate in advanced forms of video gaming that cannot be achieved on the hardware they are issued. Our goal is also to foster an environment in which players can socialize and network (both electronically and in reality) with each other. We host multiplayer games every week and tournaments at the conclusion of each semester. Lastly, we work to obtain site-licenses and other deals with video game companies to provide students with more affordable software than found in stores.


FIRE Step Squad

We are the Fierce Individuals Reaching Excellence (FIRE) step squad. Our mission is to enlighten the Bentley University community and surrounding communities of the art of an African dance called step. Step is an historic African dance consisting of a combination of clapping and stomping patterns. With this dance, we provide entertainment and support for university teams. We perform in various dance shows, basketball games and any other sport of interest. This club gives the membes an opportunity to socialize, learn dance steps and become more aware of African culture. We add a distinctive advantage to Bentley by providing a chance to join an inclusive, fun and educational association which has great expectations and no boundaries to its success.


Health and Fitness Club

The mission of Health & Fitness Club is to create and grow a fitness community within the Bentley University campus. The Club does so by developing various health and fitness programs on campus that provide club members with an opportunity to connect with each other and that educate the Bentley student body about health and fitness.


Rock Climbing Club

Rock Climbing Club brings a passionate group of  students together to go rock  climbing  in  a  positive  and  team  building  environment. Club members have the opportunity to develop leadership and problem solving skills while having an outlet to exercise in a social setting.


Ski and Snowboard Club

The Bentley Ski and Snowboard Club is designed to bring together those students who are interested in skiing and/or snowboarding. It provides a social atmosphere while offering group discount rates and transportation to its members. The club offers day, weekend, and week-long trips to various New England and Western ski resorts during the winter months. New members are always welcome.