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The Office of Academic Integrity works with faculty, staff, and students to provide proactive education on academic integrity and oversees the academic integrity process to ensure its conformity with the letter and spirit of Bentley's Academic Integrity System.

Smith 417
Greg Farber (AI Director)
Karen Hovsepian (AI Coordinator)

Supports faculty, staff and students by interpreting and implementing college academic curriculum, policies and procedures. Home to Disability Services, Academic Support, Academic Advising, and New Student Academic programs.

Jennison 336
Undergraduate: 781-891-2803
Graduate: 781-891-2348

Furthers Bentley’s strategic focus on the integration of business and technology by providing faculty access to state-of-the-art academic, information and communication resources, databases and software.

Adamian 168
Gaurav Shah

Academic Departments

Our Accounting programs combine a core of accounting principles and practices with technology, ethical decision-making and cutting-edge research — all to help you develop a portfolio of skills that prepares you for the challenges of a rapidly changing field.

Adamian 212

Six core partners collaborating on the challenges facing today’s business leaders in the realm of ethics, civic engagement, diversity, social responsibility and sustainability.

Morrison 191


The Badavas Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning helps position Bentley University for a promising future by investing in innovative ideas from across the institution.

Adamian 160
Suzanne Dove

Promotes strategic thinking, data-driven decision making and policy formulation through the systematic collection, objective analysis and regular dissemination of reliable information.

Rauch 019
Kelly Giardullo


Organizes social events that provide Bentley's faculty and staff a chance to meet new colleagues, and to take advantage of some of Boston's many cultural offerings.

Committee members

Career Services at Bentley is a comprehensive and centralized service that works with undergraduate students (from first-years to seniors), graduate students and alumni.

LaCava 225

With more than 80 faculty and staff members across 25 departments, the CHB is building on Bentley's strength as a business university and engaging multiple perspectives to address complex challenges in the business of health.

Jennison 229
Danielle Solar,
Program Director

Brings together the perspectives of natural science, business, analytics and policy to understand and advance the models that create value from the fruits of scientific discovery

Jennison 143

The Center for International Students and Scholars (CISS) offers resources for international students and promotes interactions between domestic and international students.

Student Center 310

Equipped with high-tech conferencing capabilities, multimedia libraries and international satellite broadcasts to give students authentic exposure to other languages, countries and cultures.

Adamian 162

Learning Labs

An environment for experimentation and trying new things, stocked with technology and software for you to test drive and collaborate with peers.

Smith 234

Academic Departments

The Computer Information Systems Department focuses on essential information technologies, providing specific expertise to analyze, design and develop information systems ranging through all business processes and across every industry.

Smith 415

A distinctive and professional setting for meetings, retreats, conferences, summer camps and more.

LaCava 300
Alice Amiot


Preventing phishing scams, identity theft and other cybersecurity threats. Your resource for help with passwords, security updates and more.

Lindsay 14B
Faculty and staff: 781-891-2854
Students: 781-891-3122


Maintains, enhances and upgrades the administrative technology and information systems designed to service our recruits, applicants, students, alumni, faculty, staff and facilities.

Lindsay 14

Fosters an inclusive campus by educating the entire community and working to increase diversity at all levels of the university. Coordinates university-wide, diversity-related programs and initiatives, including Bentley Brave, Discover Bentley and the MLK Luncheon.

LaCava 163
Katherine Lampley


Academic Departments

Our Economics faculty are dedicated scholars with diverse research and teaching interests. We are committed to scholarship that advances economics literature, and to creating learning environments that foster a rigorous set of analytical tools and help students wrestle with real-world economic issues.

Adamian 187

Academic Departments

Language is at the heart of our mission as a department. We aim to foster creativity and critical analysis of cultural texts, including visual media and literary works.

Adamian 081

Learning Labs
ESOL Center

Provides tutoring services and free language support to undergraduate and graduate students whose first language is not English.

Library Room 026

Provides the practical knowledge needed to increase value in your organization. Programs range from open enrollment courses addressing specific professional development needs to custom programs tailored to your specific challenges.

LaCava 240A
Laura Aiken 

Academic Departments

The Experience Design department offers integrated courses and experiences that allow students to collaboratively imagine, design, and communicate their vision for a better world. Students can focus on strategic communication, design innovation, or promotion of creative work.

Morison 288
Roland Hübscher


Creates and supports a well-maintained campus infrastructure. Handles all work-order requests, function planning, moving services, signage, office supplies and fire and safety training.

Dove Cote 111
Tom Kane

Academic Departments

Our Finance programs give you the skills to excel in the marketplace. Faculty members include internationally recognized scholars and researchers with extensive practical professional experience.

Adamian 209

Helps you and your family make your Bentley education an affordable investment. Available to review all financial aid options available, including scholarships, grants, loans and campus work programs.

Oversees campus budget and financial planning, risk management, student financial services, accounts payable and payroll.

Rauch 000
Nancy Antunes


Academic Departments

Empowers students to pursue dynamic careers domestically and internationally. Courses and degrees draw on Bentley’s business strengths while providing multidisciplinary perspectives on the social, political, geographic, and cultural factors shaping our world.

Adamian 162


Dedicated to advancing women and workplace diversity, from the classroom to the boardroom. Provides thought leadership on critical diversity issues, and offers tools and training to foster inclusive organizations.

LaCava 298


Assists faculty who are seeking grants, including grant funding identification; development, preparation and submission of proposals; project management, and grant award reconciliation.

LaCava 225
Susan Richman


Pursues original and leading-edge research on important topics in corporate governance through lecture series, informal colloquia and workshops.

Morison 191

Academic Departments

Home to active scholars in the fields of U.S. labor and business, U.S. foreign policy, American religion, modern Europe, modern India, modern East Asia, Russia and the Soviet Union, and women's history.

Adamian 127

Many of Bentley's top economics, accounting and finance majors work in the LEAF, providing individual tutoring services to assist students through the sometimes challenging areas of economics, accounting and finance.

Lindsay 21

State-of-the-art investment research center, featuring 60 workstations, each equipped with real-time data and leading financial technologies, and 24 Bloomberg terminals.

Smith 226

Provides services and programs that attract, develop and retain a highly qualified and diverse workforce, including recruitment and selection, compensation and benefits, and performance management, as well as compliance with state and federal employment laws and regulations.

Rauch 201
Kristen Jadul


Through courses and hands-on training in applied business-IT systems, we help you develop the ability to see, understand, and manage information and processes across the length and breadth of the organization.

Smith 324A

The central provider of technology infrastructure, services and applications for students, faculty and staff.

Library 036
Dan Sheehan
Faculty and staff: 781-891-2854
Students: 781-891-3122

Coordinates undergraduate and graduate study abroad and international education programs.

Adamian 161
Natalie Schlegel

The International Summer Institute offers business students two innovative and exciting programs designed to meet their needs for study abroad in the United States.

Abdolreza Eshghi


Dedicated to integrating the arts and sciences into Bentley’s educational, scholarly and cultural life. Hosts a variety of campus-wide programs, and offers fellowships, seminars and research opportunities.

Adamian 247


Academic Departments

Provides the required law coursework for undergraduate business majors and MBA students, as well as a variety of undergraduate and graduate electives and a Law minor and pre-law advising. Offers professional preparation in Taxation and Financial Planning through master’s degrees, MBA concentrations and graduate certificates.

Morison 280



Mail services for students, faculty and staff.

Collins Hall, First Floor
Canon Business Process Services, Inc.

Academic Departments

Explores, from many different perspectives, how to make organizations run more effectively.

Adamian 327

Academic Departments

Covers the full range of marketing activities, including advertising and promotion, analytics, market research, social media, product development and more.

Morison 216

Academic Departments

Discover how mathematics theory and practice apply to business operations. Curriculum joins study of statistics, analytics and management science with hands-on technical skills, giving you a powerful combination of business know-how and insight.

Morison 394

Learning Labs
Mathematics Learning Center

Offers drop-in tutoring services to students enrolled in undergraduate mathematics courses. Supports all first-year mathematics courses, as well as mathematics electives during select hours.

Jennison 218

Learning Labs
Media and Culture Lab and Studio

A state-of-the-art facility in support of arts and sciences majors and liberal studies concentrations, professionally equipped with media production tools for video, audio, digital photography and design projects.

Lindsay 10

Academic Departments

Provides a wide range of undergraduate courses in Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese and Spanish that develop cultural, literary and business acumen for successful professionals in the global community.

Morison 382


Academic Departments

Blends theory with practice, research, courses, and programs, allowing students to focus on two broad domains: sustainability and environmental sciences and health and human sciences.

Jennison 138

Department chair: Ryan Bouldin
JEN 142


Office of Accreditation

Works with the Bentley community on matters associated with the university’s three accreditation bodies, including the preparation of all reports, background materials and documents, and accreditation team visits.

Morison 301

Office of Finance and Administration, Academic Affairs

Adamian 160

The Dean of Arts and Sciences oversees academic arts and sciences departments and affiliated programs and centers.

Morison 308

Office of the Dean of Business

Morison 305

The Provost's Office oversees all academic affairs, accreditation services, sponsored programs, diversity and inclusion and finance and administration for academic affairs.

Rauch 318


A safe, confidential, informal and impartial place for faculty, staff and students to discuss concerns and actual or potential conflicts and to address them in a positive and constructive way.

Smith 204
Eliane Markoff



Ensures that all faculty, staff and students are paid accurately and timely. Also handles travel administration.

Rauch 012

Academic Departments

We read, think and write about the big questions: What is the right thing to do? What exists? What can we know? The department offers a Philosophy major and minor, and hosts the Liberal Studies major concentration in Ethics and Social Responsibility.

Adamian 115


In charge of strategic sourcing and procurement, the Corporate Card program, real estate and asset management, and the management of all outsourced campus service contracts.

Harrington House, 311 Beaver Street
Maria Monks Serrao



Performs a wide variety of services, including course registration, academic catalogue, calendar and curriculum management, transcript requests, enrollment verification, and grading.

Aimee Leturmy

Rauch 111

Manages general liability, property insurance, worker's compensation, travel assistance, and workplace health and safety programs.

Rauch 000
Nancy Antunes


Engages more than 1,000 students each year in intensive service opportunities at 60 community partner sites. Offers a variety of co-curricular civic engagement initiatives, and strategic consultancy to local nonprofits.

Morison 101

Academic Departments

Examines how changes in technology, work and social life change our relationships with each other and the world. We offer students opportunities to explore these through courses, research and academic programs focused on the real-world and everyday application of sociology.

Morison 179

Provides support to members of the Bentley research community engaged in the development and submission of proposals for grants and contracts to governmental agencies. Proposals may support research, curriculum development, instruction, service and other projects and programs.

LaCava 225
Susan Richman

The Office of Student Accessibility Services provides equal educational opportunities for all full and part-time students with diagnosed disabilities and impairments through an accessible, equitable and inclusive learning environment.

Jennison 336
Stephanie S. Brodeur

Administers all on-campus work programs, including Federal Work Study and Bentley Work Program, and assists with off-campus job placement.

Rauch 104
Karla Aguirre

Responsible for billing and collecting fees for tuition, housing, meal plans, health insurance, computers, parking violations and any other applicable fees.

Rauch 132

Helps students integrate sustainability into their Bentley experience — in the classroom, in sustainability-focused student organizations, andthrough internships and service-learning.

Jennison 227
Amanda King

Provides systems, network and telecommunication information to students, faculty and staff, and supports students so they better understand the technology used at Bentley.

Lindsay 22A
Sue Walsh


Provides a wide range of user research services aimed at understanding user/customer needs, motivations, and the broader context of use, giving you the data and insights to design a great user experience.

Smith Academic Technology Center


A nonprofit educational, research and consulting organization whose vision is a world in which all businesses contribute positively to society through their ethically sound and responsible operations.

Adamian 108

Learning Labs
Writing Center

Get feedback from a writing instructor or peer tutors, or seek out a sounding board for your ideas. We can also review past papers to help you incorporate your teacher’s remarks in future assignments.

Library 023