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Valente Center

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The Jeanne & Dan Valente Center for Arts & Sciences

The Jeanne & Dan Valente Center for Arts & Sciences

The Valente Center is dedicated to being a force by integrating the arts, humanities and sciences into the educational, scholarly and cultural life of Bentley University. We host a variety of campus-wide programs aimed at supporting Bentley’s core mission through diverse and creative arts and sciences related research, teaching and learning. We offer opportunities for students and faculty such as scholarships, seminars and research opportunities.

Support for the center sustains advanced and collaborative research in historical, philosophical and artistic fields, as well as interdisciplinary work between the humanities and other areas such as business and the social sciences. The center is especially eager to develop new programs that directly benefit Bentley students and faculty.

The Valente Center’s mission is to sustain the arts, humanities and sciences as a vital, integral and challenging aspect of undergraduate and graduate education at Bentley. By organizing special events on a variety of topics and by hosting visiting scholars from a range of fields in the arts and sciences, the Valente Center seeks to greatly enhance to the overall intellectual life on campus. The center supports faculty and student research through scholarships, student research assistantship, and workshops, including a humanities research seminar with participating undergraduate scholars from across Boston-area institutions, self-directed student seminars and the undergraduate students (“Great Books”) Roundtable Seminar. Through its programs, the Valente Center aims to promote individual scholarship while cultivating research and teaching at the intersection of arts, sciences and business.

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The Valente Center offers a wide range of programs for both students and faculty including research assistantships, semester- and year-long seminars, and support for undergraduate research. The center’s myriad undergraduate research opportunities for students foster close mentoring relationships and greatly enhance the Bentley academic experience. The Valente Center welcomes collaboration with faculty members and provides funding and support for various academic endeavors.

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Visiting Scholars

The Valente Center hosts visiting academics from various disciplines throughout the academic year. With specialties in fields ranging from Natural and Applied Sciences to English and Media Studies, these scholars join the Valente Center in our mission to sustain the arts and sciences as an integral part of Bentley academics. View details on who is visiting campus next and what they will be discussing or browse our archive of past collaborations with visiting scholars.

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View upcoming and past events sponsored by the Valente Center for the academic year by hosting events from seminars to semester-long thematic series, the Valente Center aims to enrich Bentley culture with the continued integration of arts and sciences. These events are made possible by collaborations between the center and Bentley faculty, on-campus organizations and visiting academics.

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The Valente Center provides the opportunity for critical thinking, cross disciplinary research skills, and enhancing creativity through the intersection of the arts and sciences.
Samantha Lovering
Valente Center Student Research Manager 2021 - 2023