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About the Valente Center

The Valente Center's new mission statement is to sustain the arts and sciences as a vital, integral, and challenging aspect of undergraduate and graduate education at Bentley. The Valente Center contributes to the overall intellectual life on campus by organizing special events on a variety of topics and by hosting visiting scholars from a range of fields in the arts and sciences. The center supports faculty and student research through fellowships, student research assistantships, and workshops, including a humanities research seminar with participating fellows from across Boston-area institutions, the Albano self-directed student seminars, and Undergraduate Fellows ("Great Books") Seminar.

Through its programs, the Valente Center aims to promote individual scholarship while cultivating research and teaching at the intersection of arts, sciences and business.

Meet the Valente Team

Johannes (Hans) Eijmberts (Global Studies)
Current Director

Johannes (Hans) Eijmberts has worked with the Valente Center since he joined the Bentley faculty in 2013 and has shown a deep commitment to its mission. Hans is dedicated to developing new opportunities for undergraduate research and student-centered programming and leadership development, in addition to expanding opportunities for all of the Bentley community to engage with the arts and sciences through educational, scholarly, and cultural programs. Hans will make certain that the Valente Center continues to play a pivotal role in foregrounding the Arts and Sciences in the overall intellectual and academic experience at Bentley University.

Former Directors:  Dave Szymanski (Natural and Applied Sciences), Cyrus Veeser (History), Chris Beneke (History), Gesa Kirsch (English and Media Studies)

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Neelangi Gunasekera
Sr. Program Assistant

Katie Bearor

Katie Bearor
Student Program Manager

Rachel Bruno
Communications Manager                                                                                                 

Kimia Pourshadi

Kimia Pourshadi
Student Research Manager

Valente Center Advisory Board

The Valente center’s advisory board meets twice a year, advises on programs and budget, and review faculty fellowship and student research assistant applications. The advisory board is made up of one representative from each arts and sciences department, and enables the center to transmit questions back to those departments for discussion. Membership is voluntary and rotating.  

2019-20 Advisory Board

Traci Abbott, English and Media Studies

Laure Astourian, Modern Languages

Ryan Bouldin, Natural and Applied Sciences

Alexandra Brown, Alumna

Sung-eun Choi, History

Trevor Delfino, Student, Class of 2021

Dominique Haughton, Mathematical Sciences

Asbed Kotchikian, Global Studies

Jessica Payson, Philosophy

Kimia Pourshadi, Student, Class of 2020

Alberto Riveroll Usabiaga, Alumnus

Shivam Senjalia, Alumnus

Jonathan White, Sociology and the Bentley Service-Learning Center

Mateusz (Matt) Zeglen, Alumnus