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Valente Center


Faculty Opportunities


The Valente Center provides opportunities for faculty to engage in research in the arts, humanities and sciences. These opportunities include the seminar series in Humanities, Great Books and READ. Our Undergraduate Assistantship program provides an opportunity for faculty to work on their research in partnership with high achieving students at Bentley. The Visiting Scholars program  provides the opportunity to host a scholar to visit the Bentley campus. 

The Humanities Research Seminar is an academic yearlong seminar on an interdisciplinary theme, coordinated by a Bentley faculty fellow aiming to cultivate research by bringing together eminent scholars from across the Greater Boston area and beyond. 

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The Student Research Assistantship program provides an opportunity for talented, industrious undergraduate students to work closely with faculty members in an area of special interest. 

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The Valente Roundtable highly motivated students and professors, each one bringing a different form of expertise to the study of important books that enrich student understanding of the arts, history, literature, business, politics, and life in general. 

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Reading & Engagement Across Disciplines, is a book club geared at enriching the scholarly capacity of faculty, staff and students at Bentley University. 


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Visiting scholars make class visits, give a public lecture, host a faculty workshop or work-in-progress seminar, and hold office hours for anyone at Bentley who would like to spend time with them.

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Explore publications by Bentley faculty and staff that are supported by the Valente Center and NEH Programs. 

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"Contact"If you are interested in participating in our programs, contact:

Johannes (Hans) Eijmberts
Director of the Valente Center
Adamian 247, Ext 2585