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Valente Center

Undergraduate Researcher Program

Undergraduate Researcher Program

Each academic year, the Valente Center for Arts and Science solicits applications for paid undergraduate research positions for students to pursue an independent arts and sciences-focused research project. Research fellowships include periodic milestones to track progress and culminate in a manuscript and an oral presentation at the spring Undergraduate Research Day. Researchers will attend enrichment events such as the 'Undergraduate Research Methods' in the beginning of the academic year, hosted in conjunction with the Honors Program. 

Undergraduate Research Methods Module

Undergraduate Research Methods Module

This module offers a condensed and comprehensive overview of the various aspects of the research process and its support at Bentley University. It serves in addition to all other resources available at our university. The module is open to any interested student, regardless of their program or affiliation. 

Access the Undergraduate Research Methods Module


Welcome to the Undergraduate Research Methods Module!

To access the module on BrightSpace, please follow the instructions below:

Follow the BrightSpace link which will bring you to the login page.

  • After logging in to BrightSpace, click on the link again to be directed to the course site or
  • Once you have accessed BrightSpace, students can select 'Discover' under 'Learning Resources' in the top navigation tab on the top left 
  • Then search for and select the "UG Research Methods Module'.
  • Then select 'Enroll in Course'
  • and click 'Open Course' to access the course
If you have any questions, please email the Director of the Valente Center, Hans Eijmberts