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Caroline Chang ’24 sits in the foreground wearing VR googles; in the background, two large screens show identical images of what Caroline is seeing on the headset: a sea turtle swimming underwater.

Bentley In the News

Should Your Brand Take a Stand?

MIT Sloan Management Review | July 01, 2024

John W. Poduska Professor of Governance Cynthia Clark authors a piece highlighting data from the Bentley-Gallup Business in Society Report which shows leaders face tough choices on whether and how their businesses should take a public stance on current events.

The Running Industry Diversity Coalition Reveals in a Report the Fundraising, Scholarships and Studies That Defined Its Statement 2023

Footwear News | June 27, 2024

Research done by Bentley, in partnership with the Running Industry Diversity Coalition, is highlighted for revealing that 11 percent of the running industry’s employees are Black/African American and just 1 percent hold senior management leadership positions.

Scams with Steve: E-ZPass scams become even more convincing

WJAR-TV | June 26, 2024

Senior Lecturer of Law and Taxation Steve Weisman explains how artificial intelligence has made it easier to fall victim to scams related to E-ZPass billing and how to protect yourself.

Guide to Long-Term Investment Strategies

Moneygeek | June 25, 2024

Adjunct Lecturer in Finance Anurag Wakhlu outlines the advantages of long-term investing over short-term investing.