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The Passing of Joseph M. Cronin

Remembering Bentley's Fifth President

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Remdesivir’s Hefty Price Tag Ignores NIH Investment In Its Creation

October 22, 2020

Ekaterina Cleary, lead data analyst and research associate at the Center for Integration of Science and Industry, authors an op-ed asserting that drug pricing needs to reflect funding from the NIH by keeping prescription costs down.

How Will Racial Minorities Shape Future Elections?

October 21, 2020

Government Professor Christine Williams comments on the shifting demographics that could present various challenges for different political groups.

Google Rethinks App Design for Internet Novices

October 21, 2020

Bill Gribbons, director of the graduate program in human factors, offers his thoughts on Google's efforts to create apps that teach new internet users the web’s visual language.

15 Signs Someone Just Stole Your Identity

October 12, 2020

Senior Lecturer Steve Weisman offers tips on what you should do if you notice errors on your credit report.