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Erin Sutermeister standing on the LaCava quad in the sunshine

Bentley In the News

How small businesses are adapting to the new economy

Boston Business Journal | September 24, 2021

Economics Professor Dave Gulley offers perspective on the future of consumer spending in the Boston area.

How internet pioneer Vint Cerf illuminated Google’s misinformation mess

Fast Company | September 24, 2021

An excerpt from Assistant Professor of Mathematical Sciences Noah Giansiracusa’s new book is featured and highlight’s why Google’s algorithms can’t always tell good information from bad.

‘A watershed moment’: With public debuts of Toast and Ginkgo, Boston is remaking its startup scene

Boston Globe | September 22, 2021

Management Professor Linda Edelman offers perspective on why it’s a great time for startsups to be raising money.

Waltham Library: 'A Year of Black History' series begins

Waltham News Tribune | September 21, 2021

President Chrite is part of the Waltham Public Library’s upcoming speaker series celebrating ‘A Year of Black History’. This story features a Q & A previewing his talk on ‘The Important Role & History of HBCUs’.