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Bentley In the News

Brands let customers opt out of Valentine's Day deluge

Axios | January 24, 2022

Marketing Professor Susan Dobscha says brands can build trust by giving consumers more options and allowing them to feel in control.

Bentley Researchers Say Govt. Price Controls Wouldn’t Hurt Innovation

Inside Health Policy | January 21, 2022

Director of the Center for Integration of Science and Industry, Fred Ledley, is interviewed about research from the center focused on drug pricing.

Protecting yourself within the Internet of things

WWLP-TV | January 20, 2022

Senior Lecturer Steve Weisman is interviewed about how consumers can stay safe online.

China-Based Auditors Pose Risks for U.S. Companies, Study Shows

Wall Street Journal | January 20, 2022

Research co-authored by John E. Rhodes Professor of Accountancy Rani Hoitash reveals more than one in three U.S. public companies use overseas accounting firms to do at least 5% of their audit.