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Our Graduates

An Eye for Analytics

June 22, 2020

Growing up in Abuja, Nigeria, Pearl Brian-Esema, MBA, MSBA ’19 remembers her father inviting her to listen in on his business calls. It wasn’t so much the topic of buying and selling crude oil that interested her. She was intrigued by the specialized terms and…

Shielding the Front Line

May 13, 2020

Unlike other alumni who are running into production roadblocks due to a lack of materials amid the pandemic, Daryl Flynn ’93, co-president of Plastic Design, Inc. is lacking people. Namely, workers at his custom plastic fabrications company in Chelmsford, Mass…

When “I Did Everything Right” Isn’t Enough

May 8, 2020

“But, I did everything right.” Of the 30 million Americans who filed for initial unemployment claims in the last two months, were furloughed or laid off as a result of the coronavirus, this is most likely a common thought. They studied hard and got to work.…

“Make Me a Hand Sanitizer — Neat”

April 29, 2020

What do hand sanitizer and your favorite cocktail have in common? Ethanol — a.k.a. alcohol. Since early March, countless distilleries and spirit manufacturers across the country have swapped legacy recipes and aging barrels for an FDA-approved compound and…

5,000 a Day by May

April 23, 2020

Update: Since our first interview, Gravity Diagnostics has processed more than 200,000 COVID-19 samples and met its goal of averaging 5,000 per day. As of July 9, the highest single-day total was 7,000. The company built a second lab and is running six days a…

Dear Detroit: Stop in the Name of Love

April 22, 2020

Alex DeMuth ’15 was driving around Detroit in mid-March, when he noticed the city — his new hometown — wasn’t taking the pandemic too seriously. To be fair, the country itself was still slowly adjusting to the new normal. Michigan hadn’t reached a thousand new…

Saving the World One Sip at a Time

April 13, 2020

Above: Sustainable Sippin' co-founder Shannon Fairweather ’20 with one of the company's reusable straws. ABC Shark Tank investor Kevin O’Leary (aka Mr. Wonderful) is known for meting out tough advice to aspiring business startups. So when Sustainable Sippin’…

Bentley Launches New Alumni Podcast

April 2, 2020

Want to know what it’s really like to own a business, make it to the corner office or make a comeback after losing it all? Bentley has launched a podcast, How I Made It, featuring alumni entrepreneurs and executives who share the ups and downs of building…

Here’s How Social Distancing will Affect Our Economy

March 31, 2020

           Usama Salim ’17
As he hunkered down in his Waltham apartment, doing his part to help “flatten the curve,” Usama Salim ‘17 checked social media and online news outlets for the latest updates about the COVID-19 pandemic. With…

Owning It

March 19, 2020

At 8 years old, Crystal Cave ’09 knew how to read analytics reports. She dreamed of business school. And in her grandfather’s office, she often played at being CEO of a company. The man she called “Poppy,” Robert Higgins, founded wholesale record distributor…