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Our Graduates

45 Years of Bentley Athletics by the Numbers

October 12, 2021
Since he first arrived at Bentley as an undergraduate student in 1973, Dick Lipe has seen his fair share of games on and off campus. As a student, he worked closely with the Athletics Office for all four years compiling statistics for Bentley’s football,…


October 7, 2021
"The laundromat behind my house was bought out   So we had to go to the one down the street   I went to get my laundry done   The sign said closed for business and all that was left was the concrete   The closest laundromat was 3 miles away   Next to some…

Raising Her Hand

September 21, 2021
Before she could reinvent her career, Guilda Hilaire ’00 had to find her voice.  Like many women, especially women of color, Hilaire found herself frustrated early on in her professional life in digital marketing.   “I was working at this organization and…

Meet Trustee Pauline Callender  Han ’91

September 14, 2021
Pauline Callender Han ’91 is a leader and mentor who is committed to investing in others. She has a talent for building and motivating teams and is known for her integrity and attention to detail. She joined The Walt Disney Company in 1995 and is currently…

Ability to Succeed

September 14, 2021
Erin Sutermeister ’20, MSDI ’21 remembers her first few college exams at Bentley. She prepared and understood the material, but the problem came in the actual test-taking process.    “I knew the answer and what I was supposed to be writing, but to physically…

Chukwudi Anagbogu ’16 finds the melody of music and business  

July 26, 2021
The story of how Chukwudi Anagbogu '16  took off as a singer-songwriter would make for a great track. He always loved music, but never dreamed of taking the stage. Then a few moments in a recording studio illuminated a passion, and a simple message to a…

Schools of Thought

July 21, 2021
Bentley alumni awarded Fulbright grants to teach English — and foster cross-cultural cooperation
    Charlie Deichmann ’19
Charlie Deichmann ’19 can trace his long-standing interest in…

Breaking Barriers with Bitcoin and Basketball

July 20, 2021
As a high school basketball point guard growing up in Springfield, Mass., Yusuf Abdul-Ali ’08 was a bit of a big fish in a small pond. One of the best players at a small school, he didn’t get the college recruiting attention some of his peers across the city…


July 16, 2021
For one, it’s the same land. For the other, it’s the same dream. For both, it’s a natural way to make a living — and a life. Meet Justin Chase, MBA ’09, a 12th-generation family farmer, and Thomas Wilkins ’81, the eighth-generation operator of a family-owned…

Inside Job: Casino Ace

July 16, 2021
Holly (Aydar) Gagnon ’85, P ’20 graduated in accounting, but fell in love with the gaming industry during an auditing job at Foxwoods Resort Casino. She rose through the ranks at Harrah’s Entertainment, MGM Mirage and Seneca Niagara Resort, among others, and…