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Here are the 2019 Commencement Speakers in Massachusetts

Boston Business Journal highlights 2019 Commencement speakers around the area, including Bentley's speakers, State Street President Ronald O’Hanley and leadership expert Robert Quinn.


Josh Brand is announced as the new vice president of external relations at Bentley University.

How to Help Your Kid Find a Job

Janet Ehl, Executive Director of Career Services, explains how instant communication is allowing parents to stay more involved in their children's job search today.

Scammers Like to Target Retirees. Here Are Some Ways to Protect Yourself.

Senior Lecturer Steven Weisman explains why older people can be more vulnerable to scam artists and offers tips for protecting yourself from fraud.

Can Spain’s Elections on Sunday Deliver a Functioning Government?

Global Studies Professor Bonnie N. Field co-authors an article about the current status of the Spanish government and explains the recent developments in political parties.

Going Screen-Free: Seacoast Digital Fast to Take Place May 3 to 5

Senior Lecturer Jeff Stern is highlighted for his initiative that challenges people to put down their digital devices.

Female Leaders Must Be Willing to Take the Path Less Traveled, Report Says

A curated research report from the Center for Women and Business is highlighted. It found that women, especially women of color, are disappearing from the talent pool. 

Want That First Customer? Do Research, Don't Undercharge

Laura Willett, senior lecturer in accountancy and business consultant, suggests small business owners do market research in order to understand their customers and their spending habits better.

Saying Goodbye to EAT Café: Philly’s First Pay-What-You-Can Restaurant to Close

Marketing Professor Susan Dobscha critiques the pay-what-you-can model that tasks consumers with addressing social issues. 

Colleges’ Message to Ease Student Stress: Failure is Normal

In this Associated Press story, Bentley is highlighted for taking action to reduce student stress and anxiety, including the university's recent event focused on learning from failure. The story was picked up by major news outlets including The Washington Post, ABC News and Chicago Tribune.