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The 2024 Best Colleges Rankings Are Out: See Who's on Top

MSN Money |

Bentley is featured for being ranked #1 in the Regional Universities North category in the latest U.S. News Best Colleges rankings.

The Biden administration takes on the US drugs industry

Financial Times |

Director of the Center for Integration of Science and Industry Fred Ledley offers input on new rules that, for the first time, give Medicare the power to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies for lower drug prices for seniors.

Americans side-eye AI in new Gallup poll

Tech Brew |

Associate Professor of Mathematics Noah Giansiracusa discusses newly released data from the Bentley-Gallup Business in Society survey which revealed mistrust among Americans when it comes to artificial intelligence.

Study finds 75% of U.S. adults expect job pool to shrink due to AI

Fox Business |

New research from the second annual Bentley-Gallup Business in Society survey is featured for revealing how Americans feel artificial intelligence will impact the job market. 

Saudi fund sets up in Boston to plow $1 billion a year into research and drugs to extend life

Boston Globe |

Executive Director of the Hoffman Center for Business Ethics Jeff Moriarty offers his thoughts on a funding organization for biotechnology that was created by the king of Saudi Arabia.

Millions affected by data breach, could you be one of them?


In the wake of recent data breaches at companies including Eversource and MGM which impacted thousands of customers, Senior Lecturer Steve Weisman explains how people can avoid becoming a victim of scammers. 

AI Lie: Machines Don’t Learn Like Humans (And Don’t Have the Right To)

Tom's Hardware |

Associate Professor of Mathematics Noah Giansiracusa comments on how AI bots and humans learn differently and the implications of that. 

Sen. Chuck Schumer’s summit is trying to solve AI’s biggest issues with the wrong guest list

Fast Company |

Associate Professor of Mathematics Noah Giansiracusa weighs in on assertions that a recent meeting in the nation’s capital exploring how Congress can tackle AI favors the tech industry and lacks diversity.

How Do Americans Feel About AI? It’s Complicated.

Barron's |

New data from the Bentley-Gallup Business in Society report shows people have concerns about the impact of artificial intelligence. 

90% of companies say they’ll return to the office by the end of 2024—but the 5-day commute is ‘dead,’ experts say


Management Lecturer Susan Vroman explains that it's crucial for companies to be transparent when asking employees to spend more time in the office.