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Joe Biden's $15 Federal Minimum Wage Pledge Makes Businesses Nervous

Newsweek |

Economics Professor Dave Gulley explains who would be most impacted if the federal minimum wage is raised.

A New IRS Tool Lets You Protect Your Tax Refund — and Your Identity — From Scammers

Money Magazine |

Senior Lecturer Steve Weisman explains why identity theft tax scams could be at record highs this year.

Recent College Grads Face Lack of Opportunities During COVID-19

Rewire |

Director of the Pulsifer Undergraduate Career Development Center, Alyssa Hammond, offers tips for young people seeking employment during the pandemic.

Capitol Riot Didn't Drive Up COVID-19 Cases In D.C., Data Suggests


New research co-authored by Economics Professor Dhaval Dave reveals that although D.C. didn't see an increase in COVID-19 cases due to the riots at the U.S. Capitol Building, the hometowns of the rioters experienced a significant increase.

Use These Leadership Strategies To Prepare For a Smart Recovery Post-Pandemic

Fast Company |

Management Lecturer Susan Vroman co-authors a piece offering strategies for companies as they plan for the future.

5 Things You Need To Know To Successfully Run a Live Virtual Event

Medium |

The Center for Women & Business is highlighted for offering engaging and high quality virtual events during the pandemic.

Study: Biotech No Riskier for Investors

MedCity News |

Fred Ledley, Director of the Center for Integration of Science and Industry, is interviewed about new research from the center that concludes biotech companies are not a riskier investment than other industries.

2021 Travelers Auto Insurance Review

Wallet Hub |

Senior Marketing Lecturer Perry Lowe discusses the importance of reviews in attracting and retaining customers with Travelers Auto Insurance. 

Lockdown Effectiveness Starts with Relief for Everyday Americans

Newsweek |

English and Media Studies Lecturer James Fitzgerald authors an op-ed arguing that future relief bills must offer more wide-ranging support to help people meet their everyday needs. 

Pharmaceutical Companies Profitability

WAMC Radio |

The research of Bentley University faculty is featured for a full week on The Academic Minute – a radio show on WAMC, Northeast Public Radio. In this segment, Professor Fred Ledley talked about his research exploring whether pharmaceutical companies are really as profitable as people think.