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For More Than 40 Years, Dick Lipe Has Been The Statistics Guru For Boston Celtics’ TV Broadcasters

Forbes |

Director of Athletic Communications Dick Lipe is featured for his long-time work with Celtics’ broadcasters and his career at Bentley. 

The double standard of the return-to-office

BBC News |

Management Lecturer Susan Vroman explains the conflicts that come from managers expecting employees to return to the office while they continue to work from home.

When Will Gas Prices Come Down and Why?


Economics Professor Dave Gulley offers insight on why road travel will be high this summer despite gasoline prices and when those prices will go down. 

Behind bitcoin plunge: Question of trust lingers for cryptocurrency

Christian Science Monitor |

Bentley is featured for its decision to accept cryptocurrency for tuition payments.

‘This one is different’: Tech companies brace for impact amid market plunge

Boston Globe |

Management Professor Linda Edelman offers insights on the impact of economic problems and the declining stock market on tech companies and jobs.

2022’s Best Places for Summer Jobs

WalletHub |

Management Professor Marcus Stewart provides advice for young people looking for summer employment.

Media law expert explains social media platforms’ liability in mass shooting cases


Senior Lecturer Steve Weisman outlines why tech companies do not have a legal obligation to report any posts to police.

Why cryptocurrency is subject to dramatic price swings: Ben Has Your Back


In this story on the future of cryptocurrency, Bentley is heavily featured for its decision to accept cryptocurrency for tuition and launching a new course on crypto finance. Student Alex Kim ’23 is interviewed about starting the Bentley Blockchain Association and his own cryptocurrency investments.

Be aware of peer-to-peer payment schemes


Lecturer Steve Weisman is interviewed about the risks of using money transfer apps such as Zelle. 

These Are the 25 Best Colleges in America

Money Magazine |

Bentley is ranked #24 among Money Magazine’s 2022 Best Colleges list which highlights schools that offer a quality education at a comparatively affordable price.