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COVID-19 Update

Commencement 2020 will be held later this year. Click here for Commencement info. For all updates, visit:

In the News

Colleges Push To Include Student Clubs as Part of the New Online Campus Experience

Bentley is highlighted as a university that is moving the entire student experience online, in addition to classes.

KPMG Partners with Thomson Reuters, Universities On Interactive Case Study

Bentley partners with KMPG and Thomson Reuters to offer students coursework that will prepare them for the rapid advancements happening in taxation.

What the Federal Reserve's Interest Rate Cuts Means for Consumers

Professor David Gulley explains what interest rate cuts mean for those trying to get a loan.

Con Watch: Coronavirus Scams

Senior Lecturer Steve Weisman explains how scammers are using concerns about the coronavirus to con people and how you can protect yourself.

Politics: Super Tuesday Aftershocks, COVID-19 Political Symptoms And Kennedy V. Markey

Associate Professor Rob DeLeo joins a conversation on WGBH radio about the fallout from Super Tuesday.

Big Pharma Companies Earn More Profits Than Most Other Industries, Study Suggests

Director of the Center for the Integration of Science and Industry Fred Ledley finds pharmaceutical companies earn more profits than the majority of other industries.

New JAMA Drug Pricing Issue Examines Key Evidence In Pitched Battle

Research by the Center for the Integration of Science and Industry investigates pharmaceutical company profits in comparison to other industries.

High Prices Fuel Pharma Profits. New Research Provides More Context

New research from the Center for the Integration of Science and Industry is highlighted for examining the profitability of the pharmaceutical industry in comparison to other industries.

Financial Experts Say Not To Panic As Dow Jones Tumbles For Fifth Straight Day

Economics Professor David Gulley shares his expertise on the impact of the coronavirus on the stock market and the economy. 

After Decades Working to Champion Latinos, Dr. Donna Maria Blancero is Bentley University Newest Provost

A champion for diversity and inclusion, Dr. Donna Maria Blancero is named Bentley’s new provost.