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The Dark Web: What You Need To Know About This Mysterious Digital World

Senior Lecturer Steve Weisman authors an op-ed describing the Dark Web, a part of the internet that isn't seen by search engines and is a hotbed of cyber crimes. 

Spain's PM Calls For Calm After Building His Coalition Government

Global Studies Professor Bonnie Field comments on the heated and aggressive debates happening in Spain even after a government is finally in place.

What if a Vaping Tax Encouraged Cigarette Smoking?

Economics Professor Dhaval Dave's new research is highlighted for showing that policies aimed at youth vaping may have negative effects on adult smokers.

This State Introduced An E-Cigarette Tax to Deter People From Vaping — But It Had One Unhealthy, Unforeseen Consequence

Research co-authored by Economics Professor Dhaval Dave shows imposing high taxes on vaping products could make adult smokers less likely to quit smoking.

Top Scam Predictions of 2020

Senior Lecturer Steve Weisman describes the scams people should look out for in the coming year, including those using artificial intelligence.  

Vaping Tax Could Deter Adults From Quitting Cigarettes

New research by Economics Professor Dhaval Dave reveals why taxing electronic cigarettes could lower the number of people who quit smoking.

Fact-check: Casten Partly Right About Federal Contribution to New Drugs

Research from Bentley's Center for the Integration of Science and Industry is highlighted for revealing that government funding contributes to the development of virtually every new drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Beware of Online Holiday Shopping Schemes

Senior Lecturer Steve Weisman shares scams to look out for and how to protect yourself while online shopping during the holiday season.

Rankings Compare College Costs to Future Income

Bentley University is named one of the top colleges in the country for return on students' investment. 

Con Watch: Student Loan Debt Relief Scams

Senior lecturer Steve Weisman outlines ways to avoid harmful student loan scams.