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Costs per Academic Year

Your college education is a big investment. That’s why we do everything possible to make it affordable for you and your family, and to provide the kind of return on investment you expect — and deserve. Rated the No. 4 Master's Program for Return on Investment by Payscale, a Bentley graduate degree is a smart investment in you. With available merit and financial aid, Bentley works with qualified applicants to help find ways to pay for their education.

The annual cost of attendance is calculated based on tuition costs, program fees, and estimated expenses for both domestic and international students. Please note these costs are highly dependent on whether you are attending school part-time or full-time. Below we have provided an overview of those total expenses. 

Cost Per Course $5,124
Annual Tuition Costs: Part-Time Programs (6 courses)  $30,744
Annual Tuition Costs: Full-Time Programs (9 courses) $46,116

Total tuition costs for the whole program can be calculated based on the minimum courses required. All MS programs requires at least 10 courses (30 credits), while the MBA program requires at least 12 courses (36 credits). Additional classes may be required based on the individual applicant's background, and whether they are eligible for foundation course waivers. We recommend visiting our Graduate Programs page for more information related to the curriculum and program requirements. 

  Off-Campus Commuter
Room and Board (avg.*) $19,970 $6,180
Health Insurance $1,991 $1,991
Books (avg.**) $1,550 $1,550
Personal (avg.) $1,380 $1,380
TOTAL ANNUAL COSTS $24,891 $11,101

*Room and Board costs are differentiated based on a domestic student's living situation. Off-Campus students are those designated as living in an off-campus apartment or house, maintaining rent/mortgage payments. Commuter students are those designated as living at home with parents or other relatives.
**Book costs are based on an estimate of $190 per course. Total costs presented above are for a Part-Time student taking 6 courses per academic year.

Room $13,200
Board/Meals $6,260
Books $1,550
Personal expenditures $1,380
Student Fee $250
Mandatory Health Insurance $1,991

In accordance with federal regulations, F-1/J-1 students must provide proof of financial ability to pay for tuition, fees, and living expenses in the U.S. This information is collected through the Confirmation of Financial Resources (CFR), which provides estimates of how much it may cost to attend Bentley each academic year.

Please note that international students holding an F1 or J1 visa are ineligible for part-time status, and must maintain the minimum course load for full-time student status.

Merit Aid

Bentley awards more than $2 million in merit-based aid to highly qualified full-time and part-time graduate students. Merit awards are based primarily on academic, professional and personal achievement, without regard to financial need. Scholarships are distributed in the form of tuition remission, and recipients must maintain a 3.0 GPA to retain award eligibility. Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply as early as possible for best consideration.


MBA Part-Time Average Awarded


MBA Full-Time Average Awarded


MS Part-Time Average Awarded


MS Full-Time Average Awarded

Merit Scholarships

Bentley University offers merit-based scholarships to a select number of qualified applicants. Recipients are selected based on criteria that includes their previous academic and professional achievements, test scores, and skills or attributes that suggest a unique contribution to their incoming class.

Through partnership agreements with select national and local organizations, Bentley offers a limited number of partial to full Dean’s Leadership scholarships for academically qualified members enrolling in the MBA program with endorsement from their organization. These awards are designed to provide students working with leading diversity and corporate partners the opportunity to pursue a graduate education.

Graduate Assistantships

As a form of merit aid, Bentley offers a limited number of Graduate Assistantships for full time students entering in the fall term. Assistants are selected for one-year appointments in research, academic, and administrative roles based on their merit aid qualifications in addition to relevant education and experience that suggests a strong contribution to the available opportunities. Assistants are paid an hourly wage for work performed, which averages 15 hours per week each semester.

On Campus Employment

University-funded employment provides additional job opportunities for students. Students may work up to 20 hours per week while classes are in session. Bentley’s Student Employment Office maintains online job listings to advertise available positions throughout the year. For more information, visit Student Employment.

Dean's Leadership

Dean’s Leadership awards are designed to provide members of our leading diversity and corporate partners — including NABA, NSBE and City Year — the opportunity to pursue a graduate education. A limited number of partial to full scholarships are available to academically qualified members with endorsement from their organization.

Discover Bentley

Bentley seeks to promote diversity through the Discover Bentley program that brings high-achieving African-American, Latino, and Native American students who are interested in pursuing a graduate business degree to campus for a three-day program each fall. Participants are eligible for a partial to full Discover Bentley scholarship.

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Financial Aid
graduate financial aid

Read the Graduate Financial Aid Guide which is designed to help you understand your financial aid award, policies for receiving aid and maintaining financial aid eligibility, and options for paying your expected contribution toward education costs. 

Download the Guide 

Bentley Graduate Need Grant

Available only to full-time domestic students (defined as those earning at least nine credits per semester), who meet filling deadlines and demonstrate sufficient need, the Bentley Graduate Need Grant is designed to supplement federal loans and does not need to be repaid. Students in the Falcon Fast-Track program are required to file a CSS Profile Form with their parents’ information to be considered for need-based financial assistance. Additional information is available here.

Federal Stafford Loan

The federal government allows domestic students to borrow up to $20,500 each academic year at a fixed 5.31 percent interest rate and a 1.068 percent origination fee (as of July 1, 2016). Though interest will accrue, students with a minimum of 4.5 credits per semester can defer payments until 6 months after graduating (or dropping below the 4.5 credit minimum).

Bentley automatically processes students’ Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loan for the amount shown on their award notifications, unless students notify Bentley that they will decline or reduce the amount of the loan.

First time Stafford Loan applicants are required to complete loan counseling to understand their rights and responsibilities as borrowers. Counseling can be completed at the website. Failure to complete loan counseling may result in the cancellation of a student’s loan.

​​​​​​​Alternative Loan Programs

Private alternative loans provided supplement funding to help pay direct and indirect educational expenses. Additional information is available here.

​​​​​​​Satisfactory Academic Progress

In order to remain eligible for assistance, financial aid applicants must meet standards of academic progress established in accordance with federal regulations. The Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) of aid applicants and recipients will be evaluated by the Office of Financial Assistance at the end of each semester. Additional information is available here.

Yellow Ribbon Service

Bentley is pleased to recognize the service and contributions of our veterans and their families by participating in the Yellow Ribbon Program. Each year, Bentley offers five $4,000 awards to eligible graduate students. Additional information and online application are available here.

Additional Resources

Applicant Resources

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