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Bentley University President Brent Chrite

A Bentley Education

Bentley, a private, not-for-profit university, is a place for successful leaders who set out to create positive change in our communities, organizations and the world. We believe in doing business and doing good at the same time.

More Than Business

Students on campusBy combining business education with arts and sciences, we provide students with the critical thinking and practical skills to help them collaborate effectively, communicate clearly and lead successful, rewarding careers.


Creating Leaders for Positive Change

Bentley Service-Learning


Bentley is more than just one of the nation’s top business schools. We are a community of leaders committed to making an impact that doesn’t just move business forward, but that moves us all forward. We prepare students to become a force for positive change from the classroom to the boardroom. 




Redefining Success

Redefining SuccessThe Princeton Review ranks Bentley No. 1 in the nation for career services. For more than a decade, 97 to 99 percent of our graduates have been employed or enrolled in graduate school within six months of graduation. Bentley graduates don’t just land great jobs, they’re engaged in their careers and active contributors to society. It’s a well-rounded approach that delivers a dynamic career and fulfilling life.

Bentley University student Nicole Theilkuhl in Boston
I have the comfort of a small community of Bentley students, faculty and staff where I see familiar faces all around, and at the same time, Boston is only 20 minutes away.
Nicole Theilkuhl ’20
Management and Global Perspectives major from Colombia

A Flexible, Personalized Approach

Students with professor in the Trading Room


Bentley’s adaptable portfolio empowers you to make your education your own. From bachelor degrees to advanced graduate studies to professional certificates, our varied programs allow students at any career stage to make Bentley their home for learning.



A Community of Lifelong Knowledge-Seekers

Students in the trading roomTo Be a Force sometimes means going your own way. But at Bentley, you’ll never go alone. Our graduates join a family of 65,000 proud Falcon alumni around the world who continue to be a force in their careers and daily lives. Their appetite for lifelong learning keeps them connected to Bentley, instilling a sense of pride and ensuring a network to welcome the next generation of leaders.


Reinventing Business Education for a Changing World

Old classroom at Bentley


Bentley has been educating business-minded students since Harry C. Bentley first convened 30 accounting students on Huntington Avenue in Boston in 1917. From those humble beginnings, we’ve continuously adapted to become one of the top business universities in the U.S. Bentley has been reinventing business education for over 100 years. Now, we’re doing it again.

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Who We Are

Who we are is at the intersection of leadership and understanding, a balance that inspires us to be a force for positive change.

Be a force




We believe in making a positive difference.


We value diversity, collaboration, partnership and sharing knowledge.


We act ethically, with integrity and accountability.



We're empathetic, kind and compassionate. 


We seek to understand our differences and champion them.


We seek knowledge, experience and new ways of learning. 

Are you ready to Be a Force?

To be a force is to make a difference, big or small. It’s about accountability, recognizing the need for positive change, and acting on it. It’s about understanding others, challenging the status quo, and making an impact that doesn’t just move business forward, but that moves us all forward.

Meet our Students, Faculty and Alumni

A Sneaker Entrepreneur

Breanna Durand '24, a marketing major and data technologies minor, leverages her passion as a sneaker enthusiast into an entrepreneurial endeavor. 

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A Google Research Lead

Kimberly Dowd '13, MSHFID '16 reflects on her path from Bentley to her current role as a UX research lead for Google.

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A World-Renowned Linguist

Professor Dan Everett's nearly 50-year career has some surprising highlights, including authoring 18 books, becoming fluent in the incredibly rare Pirahã language, and taking a leading role in documentaries on Disney+ and Netflix. 

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