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Professor in Science Lab talks with female students

Undergraduate Programs

Prepare to Make an Impact

Bentley’s future-focused curriculum ensures that you will acquire the essential communications, math, problem solving, teamwork and digital literacy skills before embarking on an academic journey that you chart for yourself. The unique flexibility built into a Bentley education allows you to explore dozens of exciting business and liberal arts combinations, pursuing your passions in depth. You will leave campus prepared for a rewarding career and ready to make a positive impact in the world.

Julie Delongchamp
From my sustainability courses, I know that cultural values, economic development and geography determine many of a region’s environmental problems. And since money talks, the best way for sustainable solutions to make meaningful progress is to move the needle through capital markets.
Julie Delongchamp, Economics-Finance and Sustainability Science Majors
Climate Transition Risk Analyst at Wellington Management

four areas of focus

At Bentley, you will acquire the essential business knowledge you need, while learning how to think critically, analyze data, and work in diverse environments. Your academic experience will expand your view of the world by focusing on the following four areas:

Foundations for Success

The Skills You Need to Thrive

Context and Perspectives

Insights on How the World Works

Business Dynamics

How Business Operates

The Business Environment

Seeing the Big Picture

Foundations for Success

In your first year, you will acquire the foundational skills necessary for success at Bentley and beyond. It all starts with the Falcon Discovery Seminar, where you will explore a multi-disciplinary problem and discover the Bentley community with a faculty expert. Across the first year, you will develop essential communication, quantitative, and technological skills that will prepare you for your academic journey at Bentley—and for life. All students take the following five courses:

  • Falcon Discovery Seminar
  • Critical Reading & Writing
  • Multimodal Communications
  • Solving Business Problems with Information Technology
  • Mathematics (several options available)
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finance stock ticker

Context and Perspectives

In your Arts and Sciences courses, you will gain invaluable insights on the world and acquire the tools to make informed, ethical decisions. Students will take one course in each of the following categories:

  • Institutions and Power
  • Values, Ethics and Society
  • Scientific Inquiry
  • Race, Gender and Inequality
  • Culture, Change and Behavior
  • Globalization

Business Dynamics

In your Business Dynamics courses, you will learn how successful businesses operate. All students will take the following classes:

  • Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Business Law
  • Introduction to Finance
  • Microeconomics
  • Human Dynamics in Organizations
  • Business Statistics
sustainable windmill and solar panels
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The Business Environment

Doing business requires that you understand how the different parts of an organization fit together and how that organization interacts with the outside world. To give you that perspective, students pursuing a business major will take the following courses:

  • Business Processes & Systems
  • Strategic Management

your major, your way

Combine Majors to Match Your Passions and Career Goals

Want to double major in Marketing and Public Policy? You can do it. Interested in how business can play a role in improving the environment? You can study both Sustainability Science and Business Economics. Is your goal to work with international clients? Then check out the Language, Culture and Business major. Wherever it is that you want to go, you can assemble a combination of majors and minors to get you there. 

Explore Majors

infographic about majors at Bentley

Choice and Flexibility

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Our curriculum offers tremendous flexibility so you can structure your education in a way that makes sense for you. Use your electives to explore your interests, double major or pursue minors that provide you with greater perspective on the world and a competitive advantage in the job market. You will also have the option of completing a Business Administration major which requires just a few additional courses and easily combines with popular majors such as Actuarial Science, Creative Industries and Finance. 

enhance your degree

Advanced Standing Programs

Jumpstart your career with a combined degree program by taking graduate coursework during your undergraduate years—without sacrificing valuable learning opportunities like studying abroad. 

Explore Programs

Honors Program

With advanced coursework, exclusive co-curricular events, and a dedicated Honors adviser, you'll face big challenges –– and reap bigger rewards.

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Experiential Learning

This kind of practical learning broadens and enhances what you’re taught in the classroom like nothing you’ll find in a book, deepening your experience and skillset, and making you even more attractive in today’s job market.

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